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In this article, we are going to discussed about SAFEMOON NEWS That Will Blow Your Mind  So make sure you stick around to the end.

The SafeMoon community is buzzing with activity that is sure to take us to the moon once unveiled.

Throughout yesterday, CEO John Karony dropped crazy hints about upcoming plans for SafeMoon and these crucial updates will be taking SafeMoon to the moon!

Make sure to stick around to the end of this article because I’m going to be revealing and explaining each of these updates.


Guess what?

Dark Moon has finally been explained.

If you watched my previous update, you get the back story. Well, today is the day everyone finds out what Dark Moon is all about.

Now, I don’t think I need to tell you, but don’t miss a second of this article or you’re going to be missing out on a lot!

Let’s go!

SAFEMOON NEWS That Will Blow Your Mind

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SafeMoon is garnering a huge level of interest from all around the crypto community. Currently, on Twitter, SafeMoon trends as one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies in the crypto market.

And these guys seem to be putting their money where their mouth is because SafeMoon seems to be adding holders every day in their tens of thousands.

SafeMoonWarrior tweets, 25,145 new holders in 24 hours. The number has more than doubled in the same period.

That would make 750,000 new holders in one month! This simply insane!

Right now, SafeMoon holders have increased to 2.7 million. And at this rate, we might be looking at a total number of 4 million plus before the end of 2021!

That’s massive.

But there’s more news, so hold on to that excitement. Also brought to our notice by SafeMoonWarrior, SafeMoon is now officially in the top 50s

cryptocurrencies club in the world! We are currently at number 58, thanks to our $3 billion market cap.

How terrific!

Just a couple of weeks back, we crawled into the top 100, and then a few days ago, we moved into the top 75, and right now, we’re in the top 50s club.

SafeMoon seems to be taking giant leaps!

What rank do you think SafeMoon would land by the end of next week?

Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

I told you there were tons of bullish updates in this article.

So, I hope you prepared yourself for it, because there is more! This time, we’ll take it to the SafeMoon Wallet.

The SafeMoon Wallet has been doing so well in the app store, landing in the first 20 apps just 24 hours after its launch.

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Since then, the team has continued to work on the wallet, releasing crazy updates and making the wallet even more user friendly.

It started with the BNB buy button.

And then we got the reflections tracker which was a highly demanded feature. Now, users can track their reflections from their SafeMoon holdings and even from other tokens that equally come with reflections.

But guess what?

More updates are coming as Ryan promised, including 13 languages and 6 dialects, the onboarding of ETH and BSC tokens on SafeMoon Swap, as well as Master Encryption so that users can access a single sign-in option for all their SafeMoon products.

So, the SafeMoon Wallet is truly shaping up to become a world class product that will give many other wallets out there a run for their money.

Already, the wallet is getting raving reviews and some users have said it’s the simplest wallet they have ever used.

Well, some two weeks ago, I brought it to your notice that the SafeMoon wallet now had over 330,000 downloads.

And now, as of yesterday, the number of downloads has increased by over 70,000.

The SafeMoon wallet now has over 400,000 downloads! We’re this close to the 500,000 mark! And speaking of numbers, even our burn is doing very well.

In case you’re new to SafeMoon, SafeMoon is a deflationary token. So, simply put, the more you transact with the token, the more tokens are burned thanks to tokenomcis.

This burn permanently destroys SafeMoon tokens which creates scarcity, and as such increases the value of SafeMoon.

So, massive burn is something we want and thankfully, it is what we are getting. We’ve had over 237 billion SafeMoon tokens burned in the last 24 hours!

That is huge!

Imagine burning this amount of tokens every day and what that would mean for our supply. SafeMoon prices are going to soar like crazy!

And while burn is increasing massively, guess what is also increasing massively! Our 24 hour trading volume.

As of Friday, October 29, trading volume has more than doubled by 126% from Thursday with $69 million!

They say good news comes in threes but for SafeMoon, it seems to come in droves! I’m definitely not complaining and I’m sure you’re not, either.

Alright, let’s find out what CEO John Karony has been up to.

Trust me, it’s a lot.

First off, the turbines have arrived, at least the first batch. Now, when you first heard of SafeMoon’s plan to buy turbines, you probably thought of a super long, heavy duty machinery.

However, that does not seem to be the case as these turbines appear to be more like drones than turbines.

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How exactly are these going to work?

Well, that’s not clear.

All we have are the dev team’s words that the turning of the turbine’s blades will help to burn SafeMoon tokens.

And the energy produced will be sold as utility. Anyway, like I said, the first set of test turbines arrived as CEO Karony announced in the SafeMoon Discord.

He was also asked how long the turbines are, between one and ten meters. But Karony responded by saying that he’ll be filming himself assembling the turbine with a pair of pliers.

This was the first hint that the turbines weren’t what everyone else had in mind when they first heard of SafeMoon’s plans to purchase them for Operation Pheonix.

But curiosity is running high in the SafeMoon community as everyone is looking forward to the unboxing of the turbine.

A couple of weeks back when CEO Karony mentioned that the turbines would be arriving Utah by the following week, he had also promised to do an unboxing article so the SafeMoon Army could also check out the turbines.

However, it appears the SafeMoon boss had a pretty long day because he said he wasn’t able to film as he promised as he ran out of time.

He did promise yesterday, though, that he would film it that day. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed for a article sometime soon.

And while we do that, you can check out a small photo of the turbine as well as the specs and capacity.

  • Testing unit = 800 watts.
  • 1 turbine – 2400 watts 2400 watts x 10 hours of wind – 24 kWh
  • 24 kWh x 100 turbines – 2400 kWh 240kWh x 1 year – 876,000 kWh

The 100 mostly will be 2400 watts Well, if like me, you didn’t quite get what all that calculation was about the first tiime, here’s my best guess, judging from something

John Karony said.

I got a few smaller ones for testing purposes. The rest are rated around 2400 watts. Started off with around 100, then expanding from there.”

So, it appears the SafeMoon team is going to start out with 100 turbines, each rated 2400 watts.

But the team also has some smaller turbines with lower power ratings for testing purposes. So, with this explanation, SafeMoonWarrior’s calculation hopefully now makes more sense.

With 100 turbines, we will be able to produce, at least, 876,000 kWh per year. Now, I know that these are just numbers.

So, I did some research to find out just how large 876,000 kWh is. Well, according to the US Energy Information Administration, an average American home will use about 10.7 kWh in one year.

So, doing some super simple math, that means that 100 turbines can produce enough electricity to power more than 80 U.S. homes for an entire year!

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Can you imagine the possibilities?

Finally, before we round off today, I promised you some updates about Dark Moon. Since yesterday, everyone has been trying hard to crack the code.

Well, Captain HODL has finally unraveled the mystery, somewhat. Here’s what he shared in the official SafeMoon Discord.

Figured I’d share some thoughts with you all. We have items planned out 5 years out at a minimum. While those plans are made to be flexible (i.e. we have the ability to pivot because this is life, and life is an ebb and flow of events), we are always looking towards the future.

For something to be long term, you have to have the ability to pivot. While your foundations can be made of granite, you need to be able to renovate the awesome house on top of it.

If you are trying to figure out what we got going on, the key is, “what does this mean long term?”

Yes, everything ties together.

Ask “Why” (PM69 leading the way on that) instead of “Wen.” I said I would never give a hint regarding Dark Moon.

But I think y’all earned it with the positivity in this chat. Dark Moon works on the long term items.

Once they are ready, they get moved to the “light side” of the proverbial moon for final polishing and release.

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Conclusion – SAFEMOON NEWS That Will Blow Your Mind

When you see something crazy cool come from SafeMoon, it comes from Dark Moon. SafeMoon will promote freedom and transparency through the development and deployment of innovative technologies.

Perfection is a journey, not a destination. Glad to have this wonderful community participating with us on our journey to perfection.

What a beautiful way to end today’s article. I don’t know about you but I’m super excited to see what projects come from Dark Moon. Please, do share your thoughts with me in the comment section, and thanks for watching.

Disclaimer – This article does not encourage you to buy any of the cryptocurrencies / or investing at all. This is just the opinion of an amateur, not a financial advisor. Before investing in cryptocurrency, I recommend talking to your financial advisor and do your own research.

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