SAFEMOON BLOCKCHAIN Closed Beta for 1000 People | Explained 2021

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The launch of the SafeMoon blockchain is slated for December according to the timeline released by SafeMoon a few weeks ago.

However, word going round is that we might be having a closed beta version soon. What’s that going to look like and how is it going to work?

In today’s article, we are going to be talking about the SafeMoon blockchain closed beta which will be launched very soon.

We also have a couple other super important updates. So, make sure you don’t miss any part of this article.

Now, before we go into the main topic for this article, let’s talk about the current FUD in the SafeMoon community about Papa and the offer from Ripple.

In my previous article, I talked about this, you can check it out as I also discussed how SafeMoon can hit and surpass the $1 mark by the end of the year.

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It’s no more news that Papa is a blockchain genius. In fact, a couple of weeks ago, Binance awarded Papa as its Influencer of the Year.

On Binance’s webpage, the company wrote this about Papa. Thomas is known to his followers as Papa.

Thomas’ memes and sense of humor and has inspired an army of supporters from crypto communities.

Congratulations to Thomas for winning the most competitive award! Your humor, honesty, and extensive blockchain knowledge have not gone unnoticed in the crypto Twitterverse.

As you can see, Binance acknowledges that Papa has unparalleled blockchain knowledge and the whole of the crypto Twitterverse knows it.

It was, therefore, not so surprising when the news came out that Ripple offered Papa about $2 million to come work with them as a developer.

Nevertheless, when this news came out, a lot of people were skeptical about the news and this generated a lot of FUD in the community.

When the news first came out, it was a Twitter user who announced it and then Papa himself confirmed it. However, many thought it wasn’t enough that Papa himself confirmed it and so the investigation began.

Apparently, @HammerToe is a part of the Ripple team and he was asked if Papa was actually offered a job at that pay at Ripple.

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Fonzie, the Twitter user writes @HammerToe the people want to know if @Papacthulu was offered a job at @ripple.

He making some bold claims, eventually this question should be answered. #SafeMoon is not some obscure project on the #smartchain.

It’s talked about on the news etc. gonna hurt the #ripple #xrp image. By the way, just to point out something quick before we move on. Fonzie mentions that SafeMoon is not some obscure project on the smartchain.

SafeMoon’s reputation is growing and with that is the value of the token. Fonzie’s comment shows that many people are taking SafeMoon seriously and this is a good sign for the token.

It shows we’re on our way somewhere. So, keep HODLing! Anyway, back to the investigation. Matt Hamilton, or HammerToe, eventually replied to Fonzie and mentioned that he didn’t have any idea who Papa was.

Someone sent Papa’s photo along with his full name. But Hamilton maintained that he has never heard of him. Naturally, this caused a lot of confusion and disbelief in the community which birthed more questions.

Because it’s possible Hamilton hadn’t joined Ripple at the time Papa was made the offer which actually turned out to be the case.

Hamilton had only joined Ripple in February of this year and said that he couldn’t categorically say that Ripple made or didn’t make Papa the offer.

He did mention, though, that he didn’t think it was possible that Ripple would make that kind of offer to a random solidity developer.

But Papa obviously isn’t just some random solidity developer which suggests that Hamilton might be a little new to the crypto space.

Anyway, Papa eventually ended the back and forth when he pointed out that the offer was made two years before Hamilton joined Ripple and that it was for C sharp, to which Hamilton replied that it was fine but still strange since Ripple doesn’t make use of C sharp.

Papa agreed that he found that part a bit strange too. All that said, the bottom line is that all the rumor that Papa was just making stuff up just isn’t true.

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Papa was made the offer in 2019 quite a while ago.

So, I hope all that is cleared up.

And like I said in the last article, this discovery goes to show us just how much many blockchain projects are willing to offer to get Papa on their team.

If this isn’t legendary status, I don’t know what is. Papa is a blockchain legend and it’s awesome that we get to have him on our team.

Okay, with that settled, let us move on to the main issue of the day which is the SafeMoon blockchain closed beta.

Already, we know that we should be expecting the release of the SafeMoon blockchain in December.

However, it would appear that a closed beta testing of the blockchain would be available pretty soon. So, users can begin to get a feel of the blockchain before its final launch at the end of the year.

Now, there are a couple of things I’d like to point out before we go on to talk about the SafeMoon blockchain closed beta.

After the delay in the launch of the wallet, the SafeMoon team came out to say that they were still hard at work to ensure that SafeMooners get their wallet as soon as possible.

The team is already undergoing restructuring at the moment with the contract ownership moving to the mystery CFO.

Papa has also mentioned that the team is devising means to reduce SafeMoon’s supply in order to drive up the value of the token.

And now, it seems the team is also working hard to create its blockchain and a closed beta might be available before we know it.

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As I mentioned, it’s going to be a closed beta so it’s not going to be open to everyone. Insider information we’re getting is that the closed beta will only be open to a thousand testers.

I am particularly looking forward to the launching of the blockchain closed beta and I’m sure the entire community is looking forward to it too.

If you recall when the SafeMoon Wallet closed beta was launched, the site practically crashed in minutes with thousands of testers waiting to take a grand tour of the new wallet in mere minutes of its test launch.

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There’s not much that we know about the SafeMoon blockchain closed beta for now. But we can probably make a few deductions from the SafeMoon Wallet closed beta.

The SafeMoon team makes it a point to have its apps usable by even non-flagship phones. So, that shouldn’t change with the blockchain closed beta.

There might also be separate versions for Android and iOS devices as well. Whatever the case, what’s very important is to not forget to give your comments and on the app store from where you download the test app.

This will help the developers understand what aspects of the app need to be worked on and what areas are great.

Plus, if we have enough positive ratings, we will have more people actually checking out our blockchain when it is finally launched.

This will definitely help to bring more investors to SafeMoon and boost the value of the token. As for the features of the SafeMoon blockchain, that’s left to be seen.

The one thing we’re sure of, though, is that reflections will be incorporated which will make it easier for investors and holders to receive their reflections each time a transaction is carried out.

In other news, although not SafeMoon-related, the crypto space is getting bigger and bigger every day.

According to Coin Telegraph, in just 10 months, the jobs’ share in the crypto and blockchain industry has grown over 100%!

And this has been brought on by an increased level of institutional adoption which is causing an increase in the demand for expertise in the field.

As the research reveals, crypto-related roles tend to attract higher salaries than other non-crypto technology roles.

This is because such roles require a deep understanding of cryptography as well as experience in ledger economics and object-oriented programming.

Conclusion – SafeMoon blockchain

Anyway, the relevance of this increase in job search is that the world is awakening to the idea of crypto and this is a good sign for the crypto community and every individual cryptocurrency in the market.

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