Roisea Review 2022: Pros, Cons, and How It Compares

Roisea is excellent for cryptocurrency and social copy trading. Besides, this tool is perfect for $0 commissions for US stock trading. So, we recommend it to novice and advanced traders. However, one of the disadvantages of Roisea is its forex and CFD fees, which are a bit higher than most of its competitors. So, does it suit your needs? Let’s delve into the service a bit deeper to figure it out. 

Roisea Fees

Roisea fees are on the low-end of the market. They do not charge fees for American-listed stocks. Besides, CFD commissions are also low, and they’re built into the overall spread. As for stock indexes, the S&P 500 CFD commission accounts for 0.75, whereas the Europe 50 CFD fee is 3. So the spread is from 0,75% to 5% when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. 

Deposit fees

There are no deposit fees. Most cryptocurrency brokers do not charge any fees for depositing money.

Inactivity Fees

Roisea inactivity fee is $15 per month. For example, suppose the trader does not log into their account for a year. The overnight rollover commission depends on current market conditions.

Withdrawal fees

Roisea has a $6 withdrawal fee for all the bank transfers. It is in line with market standards.

Is Roisea Safe?

While Roisea is a reliable and established company that thousands of users trust, let’s take a serious look at the safety of this platform. To avoid scams, below are some things to consider:

  • Roisea is secure, reliable, and safe. All of the personal data is protected with SSL encryption. So, don’t forget to check security signs in the browser window before starting trading.
  • Roisea respects the users’ privacy, so the user gets complete control over their account settings. The data and personal information is never disclosed or sold to third parties.
  • Roisea is regulated by top-tier financial regulators, such as ASIC, FCA, FinCen, and CySEC. Customers’ funds are secure at reliable banks. 
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UK investors are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). At the same time, European investors under Roisea Europe are protected by the Investor Compensation Fund designed for Customers of Cypriots Investment Firms up to €20,000. The company is not listed on a stock exchange and is not a publicly-traded company. Roisea is planning to go public soon.

Where Roisea shines

User-friendly platform: Roisea made its name thanks to its social investing service and innovative platforms that allow customers to copy other investors’ trades.

International presence: Founded in 2020, Roisea has more than 2 million users in 80 countries across the globe— and the United States is also on this list with the full scope of options. Previously, while Roisea offered multi-asset services (providing commodities, stocks, and forex trading) in other countries, American clients could trade only cryptocurrencies with this tool. 

Virtual trading: All Roisea accounts also receive a $50,000 virtual trading profile to try trading with virtual money.

Where Roisea falls short

The limited scope of features: Roisea currently only provide its cryptocurrency service in 42 U.S. states. While all American residents can register for a free Roisea account for virtual crypto trading, the platform is currently unavailable for actual trading for citizens in Minnesota, Hawaii, Nevada, Tennessee, and New York. 

Limited ETF selection: Roisea currently only provides access to about 200 ETFs.

Roisea Reviews

Marcus: Easy to use

I have been using Roisea for a couple of years now. It has a very user-friendly user interface and is very easy to use. The web interface works very well with professional charts as well. Finally, most importantly, deposits and withdrawals are speedy and hassle-free. I would certainly recommend all professional traders to give it a try.

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Alex: Genius idea for traders in training

I think it cannot be any easier to introduce people with little to no knowledge about trading. The clean user interface, easy-to-find things, and graphs could be better, but overall five-star experience for me!

Keyla: a great platform to trade

I have been using Roisea for almost three months now, never having an issue. All the tickets that I opened were solved quickly(24~48h); the platform is a friendly user; I recommended it to many friends…two of them have already signed up. I haven’t tried the withdrawal option yet…so I will do an update on this review once I do. There is more room to improve the platform…a bit of lag these last days…since I am not a day trader, I am fine—five stars from me, well done.

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