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The online roulette format is an interpretation of a popular game that has become a favorite in online versions as well. If earlier this gambling pastime was popular among fans of land-based casinos, it was possible to maintain the demand for it and with the transition to virtual platforms. Online rulett játék Fairspin offers the opportunity to play in demo mode and on electronic money substitutes.

Players can also play roulette in real time with a real dealer on electronic money substitutes. With the presence of the dealer on the screen, spinning the wheel becomes even more interesting. Roulette online becomes a source of entertainment and real winnings subject to the registration of the gambler at the online casino portal, passing verification and identification, deposit your account, and run the game on electronic money substitutes.

Varieties of roulette in casinos

The varieties of roulette are defined by the classic formats known even before the advent of online casinos. Some providers may change the subtleties of the gameplay or features of the accrual of winnings depending on internal policies. Before launching the game, it is definitely worth reading the description, which will help establish the subtleties of the rules of the chosen roulette.

Consider three key types of this game of chance:

  • European online roulette. The most popular format, which involves internal and external bets.
  • The French version of roulette for real money. Its main feature is considered to be the unique arrangement of the fields. Profitable casino is determined by the presence of an additional rule to increase the chances of winning players. Developers in this format offer tracks to set up sectors and neighbors.
  • American roulette online. It includes two zero sectors “zero”. The peculiarity of the gameplay determines the additional types of bets for the gambleur’s winnings. Special rules of this roulette provided only on the Internet portals.
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Features bets determined by the policy of the casino and the developer of roulette online game. In the transition to a live format with the rules helps to sort out the dealer. He appears on the screen with the start of the roulette game, and then controls the gameplay, explains the rules of betting, determines the winners and winnings.

Rules of roulette online: bets, combinations

Despite the variety of roulette formats, unique variants of fields, types of bets, there are common rules. They combine all the developments of the providers and allow players to quickly adapt to the gameplay. Roulette is a game in which:

  • It is necessary to guess the winning number of stopping the ball. The player can choose not only a single number, but also a series, certain segments, the color of the field;
  • roulette game track fields are numbered up to 36. Depending on the type of roulette determine the presence of one or two zero sectors;
  • on the layout of the table, sector numbers are displayed in duplicate order;
  • customers can bet on even, odd numbers, dozens, columns, make outside bets on color with potential winnings of 50%.

To win in any type of roulette game, it is necessary to decide on a betting limit. Gambling always involves risks, which the player must minimize, taking into account his financial capabilities and goals. Fairspin Casino is rated and reliable, so you can fully trust the honesty of the calculation. A player’s winnings depend not only on his success, but also on the strategies used. Before betting on electronic money substitutes, players are advised to test roulette in the demo version to assess the real chances of winning. You should not be guided by the principles of regularity, as they do not work in this format.

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Popular roulette game strategies

When choosing a roulette strategy for clients, a player should focus on a clear algorithm prescribed by this system. In case of ignoring the established rules, you can not count on a large winnings, indicated by the features of the roulette strategy online for electronic money substitute. Excluded is the interpretation of the rules at the discretion of the player. Any strategy works only in the long term, so after a series of runs in roulette for money you can not objectively assess the effectiveness of the approach.

All strategies developed by experts are worthy of attention. However, none of them can guarantee a 100% success. Customer online casino must take into account the size of bets and winnings, which he expects, guided by their own bankroll. Below are the most popular strategies for use in roulette, which you can test even in roulette in demo mode.

  • Martingale;
  • Andrucci;
  • D’Alambert;
  • Fibonacci.


Roulette attracts players with a wide range of bets and table limits at different levels, a low entry threshold, and ample risk management options. All of this, combined with the basic rules, has led to a multitude of winning strategies affecting the popularity of the entertainment. All a player has to do is bet on the Fairspin Casino website based on his or her guess as to where on the wheel the dealer’s launched ball will land.

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