MSc Vs MEng – Key Differences

What is MEng?

The MEng, or Master of Engineering, is the degree of choice for those wishing to pursue a career in engineering. If you are considering becoming a Chartered Engineer, you will need to complete the MEng course.

Like many degree programs, MEng may have a different name if you are studying internationally. For example, it is often called an Engineering Diploma in Europe, and in Asian countries, it offers a Master of Technology (MTech).

Duration of MEng: –  

The length of MEng courses depends on where you are studying. For example, his four-year degree in Europe consists of a three-year bachelor’s program and a one-year master’s program. In other parts of the world, it is classified as a postgraduate degree, completed after a bachelor’s degree. For example, it is a one-year graduate program in the United States.

Requirements for MEng: –

If you are studying in a country that classifies MEng as a postgraduate degree, you must have the relevant Bachelor’s degree before starting MEng. Bachelor’s degrees should usually focus on engineering, science, or technology.

Advantages of MEng: –

  • The MEng is longer than the MSc but is often best suited for a formal engineering career or if you want to deepen your knowledge.
  • If you study for more than four years, you will learn more details and broaden your knowledge.
  • It’s also popular with school graduates who know they aspire to a career in engineering. Provides a direct route to your chosen career path.

What is an MSc?

A Master of Engineering degree is a graduate degree, also known as a Master of Science in Engineering, which is studied after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

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A master’s degree is popular with college students already studying before deciding to change their major. It is also suitable for mature students who previously had a bachelor’s degree in engineering but want to pursue a master’s degree for career advancement.

Duration of MSc: – 

Being a postgraduate program, the MSc program is shorter than the MEng.

Depending on where you study, a master’s program usually lasts one to two years.

Requirements of MSc: –

To obtain a master’s degree, you must have already completed a relevant bachelor’s degree. This is usually an engineering, science, or technology degree. As a postgraduate degree, it must be studied full-time or part-time at a university or other accredited institution.

Advantages of MSc: –

  • A master’s degree is a more internationally recognised qualification and is therefore popular with those seeking to pursue a career abroad. 
  • It is also suitable if you already have a degree in another field but want to change fields or if you have a bachelor’s degree but have decided to pursue a career in engineering.
  • Many who have a BEng later choose a master’s program to obtain a master’s degree.
  • It is also popular with those who want to grow professionally but need additional qualifications.


If you are considering a career in engineering, you may need help deciding which certification to pursue. Unravelling the differences between meng vs msc is one such area. Both are essential degrees to work in the engineering world. Both have similar results in completing the Master, but each approach is slightly different.


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