Most Popular Video Games In 2022 And Why!

Games In 2022

Gaming fans gather around every year, attending seminars, or glued to press releases in anticipation of certain big title releases. Some will spend hours or days in line just to be the first to get their hands on a gold edition or a first release. Some pre-order games months in advance. However, you go about getting your games, there is simply no denying the anticipation is as big a part of the buzz as delving into the game for the first time. Which games have the most hype behind them in this New Year and why? Those are the questions Games In 2022!

Babylon’s Fall March 3rd (PlatinumGames PS4, PS5, PC)- Games In 2022

Babylon’s Fall follows an all too similar storyline that Marvel and superhero fans are familiar with. Perhaps that is where the biggest part of the buzz surrounding this release is coming from. The title follows a group of unlikely individuals who end up with superhuman powers.

The group will be drawn together in hopes of stopping a seemingly undefeatable invading force. No doubt a familiar storyline, but with PlatinumGames releasing the title, there are big hopes for the combat mechanics and the cooperative fantasy RPG platform. Many in the industry are associating the title with PlatinumGames Dark Alliance series.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human February 4th (Techland PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC)

With this title being available on so many platforms it will be unique to see the game in action on top-performing consoles, especially with the design and style. With the right fluidity and motion reaction, the gameplay should be astounding. Unfortunately, this one has been in the work for a while now.

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Fans of the series have more than patiently waited by while developers and coders work out the kinks, but it looks like the title is finally about to hit shelves. The first Dying Light came out of nowhere in 2015 and took fans from all around by surprise.

For those not familiar with the storyline, this one follows an ambitious group of zombie survivors looking to reunite civilization amongst what seems to be an increasing divide mentality. Techland designed the game around a freerunning, parkour platform in an area of the 

world only known to inhabitants as The City.

The original release wasn’t expected to draw the buzz that it did, and that’s probably a big part of where the buzz surrounding this game is coming from. Although there is no denying that the game is unique and individual.

Gran Turismo 7 March 4th (Polyphony Digital PS4, PS5)

There is nothing all too unique or mysterious about a racing game, but it has been a long time since a release of an updated Gran Turismo. Many fans still claim that the titles have only been standard at best compared to realistic racing scenarios.

That said, there is simply no denying that Gran Turismo games have always offered the most breath-taking, stunning best graphics. With the power of the PS5 behind this powerful developer, it will be truly amazing to see what comes out. And that’s probably where most of the hype surrounding this game comes from.

Although the game will likely offer legendary audio and stunning visual design elements that have followed the series since its inception, it’ll be important to not forget about online gaming with quality sites like โรม่า. Here, you can place exciting wagers on real-life racing.

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Kirby And The Forgotten Land Spring (HAL Laboratory Nintendo Switch)- Games In 2022

Kirby certainly does offer an open world, RPG platform, or the most stunning graphics in the world, but no one can deny the series has been a torchbearer for the 2D platform genre. Well, guess what? The thing that makes this new release so exciting is that it will be in proper 3D.

Kirby in real 3D for the first time ever. It’ll be truly exciting to see what the developer can do with this platform. Unfortunately, it is hard to deny that transitions like this in the past haven’t been a major mistake or gone completely wrong, but if HAL Laboratories is known for anything, they are known for their consistency.

HAL Laboratories has delivered consistent results in the past with the Kirby series, and this inspires great hope. There is more hype than one would imagine surrounding Nintendo’s Kirby title.

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