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Money Heist Season 1, Is Money heist a true story, What happens in Money Heist Season 1, Where to watch money heist season 1, Money heist season 1 how many episodes, index of money heist season 1,

Money Heist Season 1 – here we gonna discuss about Money Heist Season 1 and Lets know How many episode does money heist Season 1 have? What happens in Money Heist Season 1? here we gonna see the recap of la casa de papel season 1.

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We are back again with another popular TV show recap la casa de papel the Money Heist.

What happens in Money Heist Season 1?

Money Heist Season 1, Is Money heist a true story, What happens in Money Heist Season 1, Where to watch money heist season 1, Money heist season 1 how many episodes, index of money heist season 1,
Money Heist Season 1

Under the guidance of mischievous man called professor a group of robbers Tokyo, Rio, Berlin, Nairobi, Denver, Moscow, Oslo and Helsinki, invade the Royal Mint of Spain and take hold of 67 hostages as part of their plan to print and escape it 2.4 billion euro rock I’ll Mario a police investigator is putting charge of case. Unaware that the mastermind is closer than she could ever imagine.

The robbers begin to print the money while Arturo Rome on one of the hostages Starts making plans for escaping assisted by his secretary and Mistress Monica custom bead who is carrying his child.

Monica is caught with her cell phone while planning to escape and is ordered by Berlin to be killed by Denver Meanwhile Rio make a mistake that leads to his and Tokyo’s identities being discovered by the police believing that Denver executed Monica under Berlin’s order.

Moscow Denver’s father is devastated and considers turning himself in meanwhile Raquel became more intimately involved with her new friend Salva Orbis to the fact that it is a case assumed by the professor raucous and his police partner angel Rubio undercover with a medic team that allowed inside the mint to treat.

Arturo who was Mistaken for one of the robbers and shot by the police however The professor sees doe her move and comes with his own plan to gain an advantage on her by inserting a bug into angels classes the professor has hired of the police to get rid of an Important piece of evidence that can endanger his plants they are fingerprinted in a car at a scrap yard that Helsinki neglected to destroy.
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Meanwhile 10-word treats Monica in a secret location after he shot her leg to force her Execution and they end up becoming closer as the professor rushes out of the scrap yard A man sees him the professor threatens to kill the man’s family if the facial composite of his descriptions looks like him.

Berlin discovers that Denver did not kill Monica as and believing that his identity was exposed because of him comes close to executing him for his disobedience The Roberts initiate a plan to use the hostage to stall the police and gain more time But raquel takes the chance to reveal the secret that Berlin has kept from the others.

He only has few months left to live due to terminal illness increasing the mistrust among them and makes an attempt to convince Rio to surrender.

Raquel loses her trust in Anna who is an error of the bug the robbers planted in his glasses while a Toro prepares another plan to escape but became devastated upon discovering Monica’s and Denver’s affair and Who is taken off the case is in coma after a car accident while drunk?

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Discovered that Professor identity through fingerprint taken from a cider factory a front of his hideout thanks to a to ruse plan 16 hostages managed to escape and Also is on the brink of death after he is beaten by some of the hostages.

Before an else accident he had left several Voicemail on Raquel’s mobile phone as well as one of her landline exclaiming that Salva was the one behind the heist Raquel’s mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease listens to an Hearst message it write it down and cries – calling Rafael’s phone when Raquel does not answer.

She calls Salva for him to pass along the message the professor realized that he must kill Raquel’s mother He goes to her room and poisons her coffee But cannot go through with it and slaps the cup out of her hand when she thinks it was her fault. He realized that she has Alzheimer’s disease and simply deletes the message and her note later.

Raquel been salva along the toledo and find the robbers villa where they plan the heist a team of police are brought to the discovered villa and searched through evidence planted by professor earlier Rokkes ex-husband alberto is called in to lead the forensic Examination and find the burn evidence of the professor in the chimney.

Salva gets a ride back to Madrid with Alberto He purposely caused a fight with Alberto leaving in unconscious for a short period of time enough time to erase the piece of evidence that can compromise him when Alberto awakes he arrests the professor and bring him to jail.

Money Heist Season 1, Is Money heist a true story, What happens in Money Heist Season 1, Where to watch money heist season 1, Money heist season 1 how many episodes, index of money heist season 1,
The Proffessor La casa de papel

The professor used the bathroom at the prison and beats himself up to make it look like it was done by Alba He calls Raquel who helps release him. Meanwhile, the robbers start losing Hope after many arts without news from professor and Tokyo begins a mutiny after becoming Restless.

While in ties Tokyo to a table and rolls her out of the mint where she is captured by the police After Berlin turns so cue to the police for threatening him Rio wants revenge Now as one of the hostages Rio joins force with a Toro in another escape plan with Monica as hell Berlin comes close to killing Rio by the professors promise that he will free talk you from the police.

Ryu rejoins the robbers and help him. Stop Arturo’s late escape plan Meanwhile Raquel set a trap for professor by creating a hoax that and her was awakened from the coma in hopes It would lure him to hospital to finish off before he can identify the professor the professor.
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Spectacle of announcement cast dozen of clowns at the hospital and dressed up like one blending in with the crowd while confirming the Hawks Later while Salva meets with Raquel at a cafe an orange hair from his clown wig was left on his jacket.

Which catches the eye of Raquel finally realizing that Salva is the professor? Realizing that Salva is the professor Raquel’s takes him in custody and interrogate him at the villa the professor admit that he was falling in love with her and she Perform a polygraph test on him meanwhile

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A tourist punished for his multiple attempts to escape and Moscow reveals a secret to Denver that he left his mother when he was young Because she was a drug addict which creates a divide between father and son while Tokyo is transported to present.

She is freed by men sent by rivers sent by professor She rides a motorcycle directly into the mint avoiding being shot by police as Moscow opens the door Moscow is gravely injured by police gunshot after helping Tokyo return to the mint and police refuse to send aid.

Robertson rushed to finish the escape tunnel the professor walks out of the villa at gunpoint by Raquel But she is emotionally unable to unwilling to stop him from escaping colonel pietro soirees and alberto confront Raquel and remove her from the case after they identified professor s Alva who they believe Raquel is cooperating with Due to signal’s made from local cell towers by calls from professor With her gun and bags is taken away.

She takes and held that and start to conduct her own investigation by looking through surveillance footage after a straw to determine the route of Professor had taken from his the hideout as she leaves and hers awakens as the police led by Suarez launched an Attack on the mill to liberate the hostage and captured the robbers the robbers run to escape with the money they printed since

125 parts inside the mill about half of their plant and amendment of eleven days as the result The total money printed was also less than the plant 2.4 billion Euros having printed 984 million.

Raquell find the professor side dog And she is tied up while she is there and he’ll call on her phones asking to speak with her in person Raquel and the professor chris passionately and he let her go.

The police arrest her at the hospital moment and she tells and held that she knows where the professor’s hideout is but will not tell them because she does not know who the good guys are and He’ll is asked by colonel pietro that where the professor hideout is, but he withhold the information.

When colonel threatens raquel with several charges that would ensured her daughter taken away from her She finally gives him the address of the hideout in order to have the charges dropped the police raced to the hideout with the police inside the mint Berlin fights them off.

So the rest of robbers can escape in time Although the professor are using to cloak um berlin continues and finally shot multiple times to death by police.

The robbers with the addition of monica escapes successfully from the mint excluding the disease. Oslo Moscow and Berlin through the tunnel leading to the professor’s hideout minutes before the police shows up one year after the heist

It is reported that Raquel left the force the robbers got away with over 1 billion and their whereabouts are still unknown Brock I looked at some postcards given to her earlier by professor which cenotes has coordinates on them when he pieced together give the location of Palawan she travelled there and find professors and smiles.

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Index of Money Heist Season 1 –

Click on the following link and go to page of Money Heist index.

index of money heist season 1

How many episodes does money heist Season 1 have?

Lots of People daily ask for Money heist season 1 how many episodes? So There are total 13 episodes in Money Heist Season 1.

Is Money Heist Based On A True Story or not?

Money Heist Season 1, Is Money heist a true story, What happens in Money Heist Season 1, Where to watch money heist season 1, Money heist season 1 how many episodes, index of money heist season 1,
Is Money Heist Based On A True Story

Probably you must have watched the four seasons of money heist So the main question is,

Is Money Heist a true story?

The arrival of Spanish hit series Money Heist’s season 4 turned out to be a hit on social media on April 3 The award-winning Netflix original show has truly cooked up a storm among the audiences with breathtaking sequences through four installments.

Part 4 of Money Heist picks up where season 3 left off The thieves gang – Professor, Tokyo, Denver, Nairobi, Helsinki, Lisbon, and Stockholm is in the middle of their intense heist at the national bank of Spain And everything has gone haywire officially at the end of the fourth season.

It goes very naturally when people wonder if the gripping narratives which make us feel super real are from real-life events.

Yes, the question that is currently doing the rounds is “is Money Heist based on a true story?” It might leave many disappoint but the answer is NO.

The plots are entirely FICTIONAL However, there is some inspiration from real life like the iconic red jumpsuit costume with Dali masks and the anti-fascist anthem Bella Ciao Little do we know that the song is an Italian folk.

It’s not far off the mark to say Netflix deserves to get a big hit on their hands as Money Heist is likely to be continued for more challenging future robberies and of course, the Professor may take more cues from real life.

If you spend the whole weekend binge-watch the latest season then we know for sure that what are you thinking Even though the answer for “is Money Heist based on a true story?” Is NO we believe that as soon as parts 5,6,7 or even 8 of the show is released you will be willing to block out at least one weak for watching the film.

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Is Money Heist based on a true story or not, but one thing we cannot deny that the show is so addictive that we should give you a health warning?

Where to watch money heist season 1?

Money Heist Season 1, Is Money heist a true story, What happens in Money Heist Season 1, Where to watch money heist season 1, Money heist season 1 how many episodes, index of money heist season 1,
Where to watch money heist season 1?

I’m a big fan of “Money Heist” TV show probably everyone is big fan of la casa de papel. If you want to watch money heist season 1 then you can watch it directly through the Netflix. But you have Netflix Subscription to watch.

So the question is How to watch Money Heist for free in English? Or Download Money Heist for free in HD quality.

I am gonna telling you how to watch for free if you don’t have Netflix Subscription then don’t worry here I am gonna tell you some tricks to Download Money Heist for free in HD quality.

For that you have to first download Telegram App. Download it from play store. Then install it in your Smartphone. Register your ID. After completing this process you will see the search bar in Telegram app. And search there “Netflix series” join any various groups in Telegram and Download your content from there.
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Money heist season 1 – So guys this is my complete article on money heist season 1 recap. Did I missed something tell us by commenting down.

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