A Message From SAFEMOON CEO! Don’t Sell Your Safemoon Tokens Right Now | 2021

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In this article, I’m going to be showing you what Message from Safemoon Ceo. So make sure you stick around to the end of this article to find out everything.

It’s been a mixed experience in the SafeMoon community. Loads of drama and loads of excitement which has also meant loads of FUD.  It’s only understandable if you have thought of selling off your SafeMoon tokens.

Well, in today’s article, I’m going to explain to you why that is a huge mistake you’re going to regret making. Please, do not make any decision about your SafeMoon tokens before reading this article to the end as I will be explaining everything you need to know.

Welcome SafeMoon army and a very special welcome to you if this is your first time on the Seriesmaza.com I make daily articles about SafeMoon and the crypto market in general. 

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Alright, let’s get straight to today’s article a Message From SAFEMOON CEO.

So, in our last article, we talked about the Hank situation and how he quit the team. If you missed the story, you can check out the last article I made.

I covered the story in detail. I won’t be going over it for the sake of time. But be that as it may, a lot has happened since Hank quit which is what I’m going to be talking about today.

A Message From SAFEMOON CEO!

Now, just before we get to that bit, some exciting news! It finally happened, guys.  The SafeMoon Wallet is now live on Google Play. The SafeMoon team announced this through its official Twitter account yesterday.

So, if you’re an Android user, head on to your Playstore right now and download the app. The iOS version isn’t ready yet but it definitely isn’t that far behind. So, iPhone users, do get ready.

This news comes as a real breath of fresh air considering everything we’ve had to go through as a community in recent times, from Moby Dip, to the debacle surrounding 

Hank quitting to the other SafeMoon Whale. It’s great that we’ve been able to get the wallet up and running, especially since a lot of people had started to give up hope. 

If anything, this wallet launch definitely proves to us that the SafeMoon team is committed to the team and resilient too, especially  with everything that has been going on. 

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It’s a huge credit to them and some reassurance  for us. So, guys go ahead and start downloading.

Download Safemoon Official App

Click Here and Download Safemoon Wallet App.

Alright, let’s get back to Hank. So, apparently, there was an audio leak where  Hank was saying some pretty questionable things  about his time as a SafeMoon devs team member. 

You’ve probably heard the audio by now and  if you haven’t, I will not be sharing it in this article but I can give you a quick  summary of what was said in the audio.

First off, the setting of the audio feels  like Hank was talking to a team of venture capitalists because a part of his speech  seems like he’s pitching a project to them.

Anyway, in the article, Hank talks about Piggy,  a project he alleged he and Papa were working on together. Apparently, he had already  started to hit a few milestones with the project even while he was working at SafeMoon. Hank also appears disgruntled and upset at CEO Karony.

Apparently, he had asked for his  severance but CEO Karony wasn’t giving it to him for whatever reason. And so, he threatened  that he owned SafeMoon’s Discord and Twitter channels and that if he didn’t get his demands, he  was going to link them both to his project, Piggy.

Now, before you get mad and justifiably so, you  might want to hear what Hank has to say first. While drunk and pissed off, quite some time ago,  I said things that were out of line. For anyone hurt by what I said, I don’t blame you. It was  a mistake. When I left, I did not ask for money, 

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My last two months of SafeMoon, I had a better headspace and tried  to work as hard as possible for the community. Kaoticfaith also corroborates Hank’s story. I was present for this leaked conversation. 

This occurred about 4 months ago. Hank was drunk  and angry at John because John was not paying him correctly (approximately 1k in earnings  at that moment). He said these things out  of anger.

Things improved for him at SafeMoon,  so he stayed. There is not a project launching  in a month. Hank and Pap are not involved with  Piggy (not shilling, just shedding some light). 

Y’all really have nothing to worry about. Hank  does not control the socials or have control  over the Discord. This was handed off before  he left the team. #nothing to worry about.

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Now, I’m not here to apportion blame or to  say that one person is a saint and another is a villain. I’m barely laying out the facts. Hank made some really heavy statements and people  have berated him for it, understandably. But he  has also owned up to them and apologized for them. 

People make mistakes and ought to face  the consequences for their decisions but  everyone also deserves a second chance. Since Hank has done the honorable thing by resigning.

I think we should all just let this go and  look to the better future ahead of SafeMoon.  And since we’re here, there’s  something else we need to acknowledge.

In this audio, Hank was in the heat of anger  and said a lot of things without thinking. Yet, he never said or suggested anything that could be interpreted as SafeMoon being a scam or a rugpull. 

I think that says a lot for the SafeMoon project. With many people spreading FUD about SafeMoon and  how it might be a scam, an insider with a  disgruntlement against the team didn’t say anything about SafeMoon being a scam.

Consider  that Hank had no idea that anyone was recording, he was angry and he seemed to be pitching to  investors. He could have easily let the cat out of the bag if there was some big dark secret  but there isn’t, so there was nothing to expose.

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A Message From SAFEMOON CEO!

Now, I’m not giving you financial advice, but if  I were you, I’d hold on to my tokens tighter than ever and probably even buy more. Again, this  is not financial advice, just my opinion. But 

I think the leaked audio has given us more than  enough assurance that SafeMoon is the real deal.  Of course, I understand how all of this  can be very overwhelming but if you’ve ever been involved in the building of a  startup, you probably saw this coming. 

There must be teething problems. It’s part of  the battle testing procedure for every start up. Something we have to acknowledge as well, is that  CEO Karony has truly transformed from a diamond  in the rough to a true diamond.

Like I said,  startups go through a lot of issues particularly with people using you as a stepping stone on the  way to the fulfilment of their own agenda. And don’t forget that there are milestones that still  have to be met, competitors to beat, and investors  to satisfy. Many CEOs can’t take the heat so  they get out of the kitchen but not CEO Karony.

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John really managed this and handled it. He  showed grace and a level head at all times. Not only that, he didn’t throw any of  the misbehaving employees under the bus, kept things under wraps as much as possible, and  came down personally to accept responsibility. 

He didn’t lash out even when others were  frankly self-serving and self-aggrandizing. He would have been embarrassed and humiliated by  others at various points but it didn’t faze him. 

He’s taken it all on himself and  though I always like the guy,  he’s really grown into a true leader over the  past few weeks which is why I believe in SafeMoon. 

There are always people out there —  programmers, website developers, coders.  Leaders — they are hard to find. John’s a true  leader and I’m here to say I believe in him.

So, guys I know we’ve been in a lot of hot water  recently. But remember that SafeMoon is not a get rich quick scheme, it is an investment. You  should only invest what you can afford to lose.

If you cry about your investment of $50 you  shouldn’t have been investing that $50. I am not saying you can’t ever complain about it. Seeing  your hard earned money go down is never fun,  but that’s part of investing.

If it always went  up, it would not be investing but you would have  found a tree that’s printing money. Well, that’s  it. I hope I could ease the minds of some of you. 

Keep investing dun, don’t make it stressful.  Take a step back and have patience.  And finally, let us not forget why we bought  into the SafeMoon project in the first place. 

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Conclusion – Message From SAFEMOON CEO

We did it to be a part of something bigger than us. The people in The Gambia, for instance, are counting on SafeMoon to bring big changes to their beloved country and we can’t achieve this if we don’t all work together.

And I think it’s a really beautiful thing that we have someone like CEO Karony at the helm of affairs. Hate me, love me, doesn’t matter. I’m here and I will complete the mission. I bleed SafeMoon, through the bad, the good, and the ugly. We are SafeMoon. If you enjoyed this article, then please leave a comment in the comment section.

Disclaimer – This article does not encourage you to buy any of the cryptocurrencies / or investing at all. This is just the opinion of an amateur, not a financial advisor. Before investing in cryptocurrency, I recommend talking to your financial advisor and do your own research.

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