Insights From Peter Janssen And More: 5 Expert Strategies For Crypto Currency Trading Success

Cryptocurrencies are a new form of money representing disruptive technology and liquid public markets. An approach that combines game theory and cryptography is needed to thrive in this space. 

Peter Janssen, the founder of FirstBlock Capital, has announced his intention to invest in digital assets and blockchain start-ups. He believes that the rise of cryptocurrencies presents an opportunity for investors. 

Peter Janssen has over ten years of experience in investing and trading in various financial instruments. After realizing their potential to transform how money is viewed forever, he became passionate about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related technologies. 

Based on his research, he believes that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are disrupting the way people interact with digital worlds. Learn from experts like Janssen and more expert strategies for cryptocurrency trading by continuing to read the following strategies:

1. Understand Everything That’s Important To Learn About The Crypto World 

Despite the hype around crypto, there are still ugly aspects of it. Cryptocurrency experts advise investors to do their due diligence before investing in cryptocurrency.  

Before buying a cryptocurrency, you need to understand all about the industry. Proper understanding will help you avoid making the same mistakes that other investors have made. It’s also important to learn from people who have been there before. 

Due to the number of platforms and services that offer cryptocurrency investing, it’s also essential to thoroughly research the companies and the industry. This step is also necessary if you plan to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. You’ll be able to make informed decisions by studying the coin’s history and current prices. 

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2. Manage Crypto Risks  

Before you start investing in cryptocurrencies, make sure that you thoroughly research the market before making any decisions. Doing so will help you avoid getting left out. A good rule of thumb is determining how much risk you can tolerate before investing. 

Also, one of the most critical factors to manage when investing in cryptocurrencies is setting limits on the amount of money that you can put into the market at any given moment. This strategy is necessary because it can help minimize potential losses. 

Determine the amount of money you’re prepared to lose if your aspirations don’t go as planned before joining the market. 

The level of risk is often expressed as a percentage of the trading account. While learning how to trade correctly, you should utilize a chance of one percent or less to play defensively and safeguard your money while learning how to trade. 

3. Use A Trusted Crypto Platform 

As an amateur crypto investor, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends in cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, most crypto platforms have a system that can help you keep up with the market. 

An automated system that uses a systematic buy method is a great way to invest in cryptocurrencies. It allows users to set a specific amount of money that the platform will buy each month. 

Plus, with crypto trading bots, you can set various parameters that’ll allow the platform to execute its transactions for you. These are the tools that experienced traders use to perform their tasks. 

4. Diversify Your Portfolio 

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A diversification strategy involves diversifying your crypto portfolio by investing in various projects to provide you with the best possible returns. 

Having a diversified portfolio is a great way to minimize the volatility of investing in cryptocurrencies. Since varying coins and their volatility can be combated, a diversified portfolio is ideal. 

To minimize the adverse effects of investing in crypto, make sure that you thoroughly research the various coins that can be used to solve the problems in multiple industries. Before investing in a project, make sure to research the industry thoroughly. It’s essential to avoid making a mistake. 

5. Learn From The Crypto Experts 

Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, even experts like Peter Janssen have experienced actual losses every now and then. 

Due to the rise in the price of Bitcoin, many early investors started to have too much digital currency in their portfolios. Some are referred to as ‘hodlers’ who hold on to their cryptocurrencies for dear life. 

Peter Janssen rebalanced his portfolio when it reached 50% of his total assets. He’s not a dedicated hodler, but he’s savvy enough to sell from time to time. As a crypto trader yourself, it’s recommended that you learn from the former’s journey as a seasoned crypto professional. 


Cryptocurrency trading has various advantages and disadvantages. Before you decide to invest in it, it is crucial to consider its pros and cons. For instance, it has the potential to provide absolute secrecy, but it can also hamper fraud detection and scams. 

Crypto experts may tell you that there are many advantages to investing in crypto. It’s the same advice as it’s essential to take a step back and do your due diligence before making any decisions. Doing so will help minimize any potential losses and keep you on track. 

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