IFSC Code – Search for IFSC & MICR Codes of All Bank Branches in India


If you are reading this blog, you probably are already acquainted with what IFSC and MICR codes are as you are looking for ways to search those for your particular bank branch. The IFSC of a bank branch is an 11-digit code assigned to it by the Reserve Bank of India for identification. It is used in electronic banking payment systems and net banking to validate transactions from one bank account to another. The IFSC code for every bank branch is exclusive; no two branches of the same or different banks will have the same IFSC code. Check IFSC Code All banks down below. On the other hand, the MICR code is also an important financial code that is used to verify the authenticity of financial documents. 

The 11-digit IFSC code has three components— the initial four characters representing the bank code, zero as a fifth character, and the remaining six characters representing a unique branch code. For example, SBIN0001707 is the SBI IFSC of the Delhi Branch of the State Bank of India. Here, the initial four characters, that is, SBIN, signify the SBI bank code; the six characters, at last, 001707, signify the unique branch code of the Azadpur, Delhi branch of SBI, and the fifth character is a zero.

The 9-digit MICR code’s initial three digits represent the code of the bank, while the last three digits represent the branch code. A unique MICR code is given to each bank branch by the TBI so that those can be identified easily.

How to search for IFSC and MICR codes of all bank branches in India?

The IFSC and MICR code for a particular bank branch can be searched by users both online as well as offline. The different ways to check IFSC all banks and search for MICR code for all bank branches are given below:

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Online ways:

Net Banking

If you hold an account in a bank, you can use their respective mobile banking application or net banking portal to get the check IFSC all banks.  The step-by-step process is given below:

  • Download the net banking portal of your bank on your mobile phone and log in with your User ID and password. 
  • The IFSC code of your particular branch can be found in the “Accounts” section of the menu.
  • Please note that every bank’s net banking portal works differently.

RBI website

You can also check check IFSC all banks on the RBI website. The IFSC codes for the different branches of different Indian banks including the SBI IFSC can be found on the Reserve Bank of India’s official website. 

Offline ways:

Cheque Book: To determine the IFSC code of your particular bank branch, check out the top of the cheque book provided by your respective bank. To find the MICR number, check out the bottom of the cheque leaf. Additionally,  check IFSC all banks and MICR code on the first page of the passbook of your particular bank branch.

Below are the SBI IFSC Code and MICR codes of a few branches of the State Bank of India:

Branch Name IFSC code  MICR code
Aajra SBIN0011434 416002538
Abhona SBIN0005459 423002394
Acar Latur SBIN0006303 413002972
Adalat Road Branch Aurangabad SBIN0030268 431005003
Adavad SBIN0002136 425002785
Adb Akot SBIN0003296 444002462



We hope this blog helps you understand the significance of the IFSC and MICR codes and guides you on how to search for check SBI IFSC code. As these codes are indispensable when dealing with financial documents and transactions like NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS, there are occasions when account holders of different bank branches in India are in search of this information. 

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