How was the NHL born

NHL born

Before the National Hockey League NHL born, there had already been an attempt to create a professional ice hockey tournament for Canada, mostly provincial and amateur leagues. Now, it is possible to visit to make all sorts of wagers in the best hockey tournaments around the world. The most important championship that existed was the National Hockey Association (NHA), created in 1910 with clubs from Ontario and Quebec and whose franchises belonged to Canadian businessmen The most important tournament was the Stanley Cup, which since 1893 has contested the champions of the different leagues that existed.

In 1917, there was a series of disputes within the NHA, between the owner of the Toronto Blueshirts, a team chaired by the controversial businessman Eddie Livingstone, and the other four clubs that remained in that league were:

  • the Montreal Canadiens;
  • the Montreal Wanderers;
  • the Ottawa Senators;
  • and the Quebec Bulldogs.

The four clubs decided to create a new professional competition, the National Hockey League (NHL). This competition is available for betting at the 1xBet website.

A legendary tournament begins- NHL born

Meetings began on November 22, and the competition was officially incorporated on November 26, 1917 with Frank Calder as its first president. Quebec Bulldogs were unable to compete and were replaced by a new franchise, Toronto Arenas (current Toronto Maple Leafs). Of the four newcomers, only Canadiens and Maple Leafs still exist today. Now it is possible to make ice hockey online sports betting with 1xBet platform.

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The first season, which began on December 19, 1917, was not without its difficulties. The first NHL champion was Toronto Arenas, which in turn took over the Stanley Cup by defeating the Vancouver Millionaires of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. In 1918/19 the Montreal Canadiens won, but that year the Stanley Cup was not played because the Québec club was affected by the Spanish Flu epidemic. Nowadays, online sports betting with 1xBet ice hockey section can be extremely profitable.

A legendary tournament begins

In the 1920s, the NHL established itself as the top North American league, above the other professional tournament, the Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL). Now this competition is available at the 1xBet apk latest version. Their fierce competition made ice hockey players the highest paid athletes compared to other sports. This is one of the things that makes the NHL an extremely exciting competition for fans in the United States and also the rest of the world, including Pakistan.

Currently, the NHL delivers some legendary matches. Those who want to wager on them can get the latest version 1xBet apk right now.

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