How to Sync Skullcandy Sesh Earbuds

Skullcandy has been a name of trust and reliability regarding earbuds. Its products are amazing as far as good sound quality and best-fitting designs are concerned. Their multiple pairs ensure you enjoy the music in the best possible condition. Be it design, sound quality, canceling external noise, or comfortability, Skullcandy earphones have their own league. One of such model is Skullcandy Sesh which is extremely comfortable and lightweight. Moreover, their portable design also grabs your attention. Knowing that every person has different sized ear canals, these headphones have different tip sizes to ensure that they fit your ears. 


However, one thing that can annoy you is how to sync or pair them to other devices. Since they are wireless earphones, you need to sync them external devices such as your phone or laptop if you want to enjoy your favorite music. For those who are naïve about gadgets, pairing can be irritating. If you are the one that does not know much about these devices, don’t worry. We are here to help you. In this article, we will let you know how you can connect your Skullcandy Sesh earbuds with other devices. Let’s start with throwing an ample light on this pair. 


Skullcandy Sesh 

The Skullcandy Sesh are straightforward truly wireless in-ears with a portable and breathable design. What is more, these earphones accompany a bass-heavy sound profile that adds thump and punch to their sound. What makes them more attractive is that they come with three different tip sizes to ensure that you can find the best-fitting design for your ear canals. So, they are quite portable. One thing that you will have to compromise for is its battery life that lasts for only 4 hours. Though this is not enough for your day, their portable charging case gives you two additional charges when you are on the go. 

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Besides that, these headphones are very impressive for sports and workouts. The thing that makes them extremely useful for fitness is their well-built, breathable stable fit that makes them stay in your ear canals even when you do workout. In addition to this, you can easily carry them when you are commuting because they are extremely comfortable and portable. However, their design is something that does not go well with everyone. The design of this pair gives the feel of a good-build quality. Their plastic made gives a durable and solid feel. Last but not the least, Sesh earbuds are very stable and stay intact in your ear canals even when you move intensively. 



  •         Portable and breathable design 
  •         Stable even when you extensively move during workout and sports 


  •         In-ear design is not suitable for everyone 

For now, it is enough to know about Skullcandy Sesh earbuds. Let’s now discus how you can sync them with other devices. 


How to Pair the Skullcandy Sesh 

  1.     First thing first, remove pair of Sesh earphones from the package 
  2.     Put them in the charging case, and ensure that the LEDs on both sides of earbuds is red. After this, close the case. 
  3.     Now, pull out your pair from the charging case 
  4.     This process will automatically turn your pair of Sesh earbuds on and put it into pairing mode. Now you can select your headphones from the list of Bluetooth devices. 
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How to Reset the Skullcandy Sesh 

  1.     Turn the Bluetooth on your computer of mobile off. To make sure the easiness of re-pairing, forget or unpair your Sesh earphones from the list of paired Bluetooth devices. Remove the left side of your headphones from the case and power it on. It is in the non-paired or non-connected state because you have turned Bluetooth off from nearby devices such as your phone and laptop. Remain on the right side of Sesh pairs in the charging case. 
  1.     Press the button of your left earbuds 6 times. The LED will indicate by flashing red and this will automatically power off and reset your earbuds. Put the left side of your Sesh earbuds again in the charging case. Repeat the 3rd and 4th steps with the right side of the headphones. After this, pull out the Sesh earbuds from the charging case to let them automatically power on and begin the process of pairing to each other.
  1.     When you hear one beep, it indicates you have successfully paired both your buds together. More than that, the LED on the left side of your pair will flash blue and red to indicate that the pair has entered into the pairing mode. Now, turn the Bluetooth on from the device you want to connect with and re-pair it with your Sesh pair. You will hear a voice prompt of “connected” if everything is done correctly.

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