How to Stand Out At an Exhibition or a Fair

How to Stand Out At an Exhibition or a Fair

You can gain great exposure and meet potential customers at trade shows, also called trade fairs or exhibitions. We know it’s important for your company to get the attention it deserves, so we are going to share with you a couple of different strategies to get your booth to stand out.

Invest in the stand 

Having a great display is a must. It’s the first thing exhibition attendees see after all. A cool design will have people racing to your stand. 

Invest in high quality and well-designed exhibition materials such as presentation walls and display panels. Have branded furniture to display your products. Try including a video presentation that people would line up to watch.

If your budget is limited, have a look at the classics. For example the roll up banner, a simple, cheap yet very useful product at fairs. Mainly because lots of information can be exhibited on the roll up banner and at the sametime making it easy to read for visitors. 

Can I get you something?

Trade shows are tiring affairs that get people hungry and thirsty. Offer your booth visitors some snacks and refreshments. Consider handing out a branded water bottle. Better yet, if you’re in the food industry, offer visitors a sample of your food product. While they’re eating or taking a sip of water at your booth, you can strike up a conversation about your product or service.

Short but informational 

Visitors to trade fairs are inundated with information all day long. It is therefore important that you can get your message across concisely but informatively in a short space of time. An aid to this is an X-banner, for example, on which the main points of your message are already described. In this way, you will better capture the attention of the customer and you will be better remembered by the customer.

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In addition, it is always important to order printed materials that you can then give to visitors to take home. Flyers and brochures are a good example of this. You can put a lot of information on them, which the visitor can then read in his free time. and of course you should always take enough business cards with you to the fair. By handing these out, people can still contact you afterwards. 

Dress to impress

It is important to radiate unity as a team. Therefore, make sure that all employees of the company appear at the fair in company clothing. This will give visitors a professional feel for the company. In addition, it also creates a stronger bond within the team, a win-win situation.  

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