How to Get Started with Cryptocurrency Trading?


Now that many processes have moved from offline to online, and many people are looking for earning opportunities on the Internet, crypto trading has become an incredibly popular way to make a profit online. Crypto assets are not controlled by the government or banks, so they exist according to the rules of the market. Crypto prices depend on demand and supply, market trends, investors’ sentiments, the global economy, etc. That is, there is no central body to control crypto assets. It opens up great opportunities for cryptocurrency trading.

How to Trade Cryptocurrency?

The market has developed several strategies – patterns to follow when buying and selling crypto assets. The most often used strategies are:

  • daily trading;
  • swing trading;
  • scalping;
  • buy and hold strategy.

Every trader picks a strategy that suits one better. For example, daily trading is highly intensive, with frequent daily deals to generate income from every tiny market fluctuation. Buy and hold strategy means you buy crypto and keep it in your wallet for a long time. It may take several weeks or months.

An important thing in trading is picking a reliable service. We recommend using a centralized crypto trading platform WhiteBIT.

The exchange offers the following trading tools:

  • Staking coins
  • Margin trading
  • The option to buy crypto with fiat currencies
  • Leverage
  • Futures trading
  • Spot markets
  • DEX
  • Codes.

Beginner crypto holders wonder how to get started with crypto trading. To begin with, you should study the strategies. For that purpose, you can use a White Blog – the informational resource of the WhiteBIT exchange that offers a lot of useful articles on the crypto topic, explaining how the market works, what tokens are worth buying, etc. Also, the blog proposes guides explaining how to use this or that strategy. On WhiteBIT, you can practice cryptocurrency trading using a demo account, where you will understand how to perform simple actions such as buy crypto, sell, swap, open position, etc.

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