How to bet on boxing?

In boxing, it is quite important in Betwinner Uganda to choose athletes with the most difficult chances of victory. In boxing, passing opponents are often selected for the public. A strong athlete is specially offered a weaker opponent, so that the first one keeps his rating, as well as the score. Because of this, strong fighters cannot meet in the ring for years.

Raising rates is a bad idea

On the Internet, you may come across advertisements for secret tactics that will allow you to “always win at bookmakers and casinos.” Of course, this is a simple lie and manipulation to lure you in and trick you.

This is the so-called Martingale system, where if you lose, you double (or more) the next bet. At first glance, such a system really seems like a win-win. But there is one significant problem – you cannot increase the rate indefinitely. 

Already the 10th doubled bet will be 1024 times more than the initial one and may exceed the maximum allowed in the bookmaker office (not to mention that you may run out of money). In this case, the winnings will be minimal (you only return what you bet before), and you can lose crazy amounts.

In fact, you are not playing against the office

Yes, you transfer the money to the bookmakers, and if you win, they transfer it to you. But in fact, your opponent is not the office – but other people who play in the same bookmaker office. The latter acts only as an intermediary, taking 5-10 percent.

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For example, a tennis match of absolutely equal opponents. The office offers coefficients of 1.85 – 1.85 (7.5% – the office’s profit). If the amount of money bet on each tennis player is approximately the same, the office will receive 7.5% of the total amount bet on this match. If they bet a little more on one, then the office’s profit will depend on who will win, but in any case the office will be in the plus. In the worst case (for the office) it will be 5-6 percent, in the best case – 9-10. 

And if suddenly everyone will bet on one tennis player (or a certain number of people will bet large amounts on him)? In this case, the office changes the coefficients so that the amount of payouts is approximately the same, regardless of who wins the match. In case of abnormally large bets, it is possible to cancel the acceptance of bets for this match altogether.

The same applies to matches between favorites and underdogs. Here, the math is a little more difficult, but the principle is the same – the office builds the rates so that the amount of payouts is approximately the same. It’s just that if the favorite wins, many people will receive small payments, and if the outsider wins, the payments will be much larger, but much fewer people will receive them. And the office will always (or almost always, all kinds of things happen) be in the plus by its 6-9 percent.


LIVE bets?

Even the coolest offices cannot send an employee to every competition, while offering users bets in real time. As a rule, someone informs about the progress of the match by the layman (an employee of the office who sets the score and adjusts the coefficient) by phone or he watches the telecast. Especially in the second case, there is a chance to overtake it, because any telecast is delayed by a few seconds. At this time, you should be directly at the scene of the event and set everything up so that one touch of your finger is enough to make a bet.

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Of course, not everything is so easy. The bookmakers predicted a delay in LIVE betting just for those few seconds. But lazy people are living people, they can react late and make mistakes. So it is quite possible to overtake them. But don’t rush to build sand castles. As soon as the office sees that you consistently win on LIVE bets, this delay will be increased for you by a few seconds, and it will become almost impossible to overtake the live player. And this is not the worst option – some offices can block your account and all the money in it. So it should be used very carefully, because in fact it is somewhat fraudulent in relation to the office.

How not to lose everything?

Gambling is actually very dangerous. There are many examples of people draining everything on machines. It seemed that betting in bookmakers is completely different, here you are more in control of the process. But, in general, the problem is the same – the impossibility of stopping in time. When you win, it seems that you are playing hard in these competitions, and then “you were the best of the best”. When you lose, they say it’s bad luck, but you’ll be lucky next time. As a result, people start mindlessly betting on all events in a row, and, of course, lose.

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