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Kubota Tractor History


Kubota Tractors is the leading world manufacturing company, which was founded in 1890 by Gonshiro Kubota. Kubota was developed specially. 

To contribute and solve the world’s problems in the water, food, and the environment, they established a Kubota Tractor Company.

Now, Kubota manufactures and supplies various amazing products and services.

Kubota was started in India in 2008 as a Japanese company Kubota Corporation branch. Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s most well-known tractor companies. 

The Indian Kubota Tractors Company is essential to the growth of Indian agriculture. Kubota Company sells tractors, combine harvesters, power tillers, implements and more. 

They have 210 dealers spread out all over India to help consumers find the right Kubota tractor. The number of places that sell Kubota Tractors keeps growing.

Industry Agricultural machinery Heavy equipment Machine industry
Founded Osaka, Japan

February 1890; 132 years ago

Founder Gonshiro Kubota
Headquarters 2-47, Shikitsuhigashi 1-chome, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-8601 Japan
Products Tractors, Combine harvesters, Rice transplanters, Turf care equipment, Construction equipment, Engines, Vending machines, Gearboxes and Axles

Why are Kubota Tractors perfect for the Farmers?


Kubota tractors are well-known for their terrific sales and popularity. The Kubota Company provides a wide range of products, including compact and large tractors, as well as various implements for farming tasks such as plowing and cultivating. 

Kubota’s dedication to quality and goodness has earned them a solid international reputation. 

They keep a complete catalog of their tractors, including farm tractors that are as efficient and mobile as their mini tractors. 

Kubota tractors bring production with high adaptability. Their superior products can provide impressive food production. 

The latest Kubota tractor models come with a creative solution at a low price, and mini Kubota Tractor prices in the USA are also very reasonable.


Kubota Tractor Series in the USA


Kubota has 15 series for different usage of farmers. We are showing them. Let’s have a look.


  • B01 SERIES
  • LX Series
  • Standard L Series
  • Grand L60 Series
  • L60 LE Series
  • MX Series
  • M60 Series
  • M4 Series
  • M5 Series
  • M6 Series
  • M narrow Series
  • M Low Profile Series
  • M7 Series Gen 2
  • M8 Series


Popular Kubota Tractors in the USA

Below are some popular Kubota tractors famous in the USA for their affordability, quality, and advanced features. Let’s have a look.


Kubota’s L60 series has been redesigned to provide high performance, unparalleled fuel economy and lower emissions. The Kubota L4060 HST 4WD with Cab is an excellent all-around tractor thanks to its huge power and the wide range of attachments it can wield. The Kubota L4060 also works in all weather thanks to its relaxed, climate-controlled Cab.

The Kubota  L4060 includes some of the additional features:

  • Air-cooled, four-cylinder, 42-HP (gross), 40-HP (net) engine
  • 13.5-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • 14.2-inch ground clearance
  • 8.9 ft turning radius
  • Kubota hydrostatic transmission


The Kubota MX6000 HST 4WD with Foldable ROPS is an inexpensive choice for those looking for a tractor that can be used year-round for various tasks. The new Kubota MX series also includes a powerful diesel engine and a simple-to-use hydraulic PTO switch.

The Kubota MX6000 includes some of the additional features:

  • Liquid-cooled, four-cylinder, 63.4-HP (gross), 59.5-HP (net) engine
  • 15.2-inch ground clearance
  • 8.9 ft turning radius
  • 13.5-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • Kubota hydrostatic transmission


The Kubota L5460 HST 4WD is ideally suited to smaller worksites where a heavy-lifter is still required. The Kubota  L5460 can utilize many front-end attachments, from mowing and seeding tools to a loader for heavy-duty moving. The Kubota L5460 also features optional ROPS or climate-controlled cabs.

The Kubota L5460 includes some of the additional features:

  • Water-cooled, four-cylinder, 56-HP (gross), 54-HP (net) engine
  • 15.4-inch ground clearance
  • 13.5-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • 8.9 ft turning radius
  • Kubota hydrostatic transmission


The Kubota MX5400 HST 4WD with Cab could be right for you. The Kubota MX5400 includes a climate-controlled cab allowing you to work in all weather conditions year-round. Thanks to a new PTO hydraulic switch, the Kubota MX5400 can mount a wider range of implements like mowers, front-loaders, and tillers.


The Kubota MX5400 includes some of the additional features:


  • Liquid-cooled, four-cylinder, 57-HP (gross), 53.8-HP (net) engine
  • 15.2-inch ground clearance
  • 8.9 ft turning radius
  • 11.9-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • Kubota hydrostatic transmission


Ideal for 10 to 75-acre farms, the Kubota M6060 8-SPEED 4WD with ROPS allows you to handle a wide range of tasks in comfort and safety. The Kubota M6060 features ergonomic controls, roll-over protection features, and wide, comfortable seating. The three-point hitch and telescopic lower link end make it comfortable to use various rear tools, whether you’re baling, mowing, or spraying.

The Kubota M6060 includes some of additional features:

  • Turbocharged, four-cylinder, 63.5 (net) HP engine
  • 18.1-inch ground clearance
  • 18.5-gallon diesel fuel tank
  • 11.8 ft turning radius

Today, Kubota Corporation is a very successful international business that employs about 35,000 people worldwide. Kubota is based in Osaka, Japan, selling farming, construction, and power equipment to more than 31 countries.

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