Top 3 Reasons Why Historical Romance Novels are So Popular

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Historical romance is one of the most explored genres by both authors and readers, alike. As much as people love to write a historical fiction, people are also equally intrigued to read these kinds of books.

Even those who unfairly target a romance and profess their dislike strongly, will have to admit that they have picked up this genre to read at least once in their lifetime.

If you just scratch the surface of your naysayer, you will find someone who loves romance in a novel. And it is even better when set in a historical period.

 So, if you are fond of historical romance novels or are simply curious about it, you can try out any book promoting site to explore the books from this genre. If you like it, you can always find more books from this same author.

But why do you think people love this genre so much? Here, we have discussed a few reasons why this stirs so much interest among readers. Take a look.

3 Reasons Why Historical Romance Novels are So Popular

1. Glimpse of the Past

If you love history, then you will be fascinated by historical romances too. These novels are set in a historical period. So, even if these do not provide you with actual data, it will be based on the true facts and experiences witnessed by the people of those times.

You can get an honest insight into the people’s lifestyles, culture, position of women, and society in general. Setting a novel in a historical time makes it more dramatic and transports you to another time which further enhances your imagination.

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For some people, they take more interest in a historical event or a certain era when they read about it in a novel.

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2. Taste of Romance

Human beings are bound by love. We are born with emotions. And we try to express it whenever we can. But romance is fleeting in the 21st century as we are all chasing careers and trying to achieve other goals.

In this pragmatic world, is there no space for romance? While this is partly true that love finds less space in our everyday lives these days, but people still crave for it. And this is so, even while reading a book.

Historical romances can provide you with this romantic setting that you may miss in your life. People, back in those days, would be made of different values and beliefs. It feels beautiful to read about the sort of things people could do for love during those times.

But this does not mean intimacy or passion are absent in these books. You can find many steamy historical romance novels online as well.

3. Genre within Genre

Very few genres have as much versatility as historical romance. You can enjoy and explore different genres within this genre. Right from action, fantasy, cowboys, to inspirational, seductive, and even paranormal or gothic, there are various themes when it comes to these historical romances.

It is quite interesting to see how these varied themes have been used independently or often together by various authors. It can add an engaging twist to the regular romantic storey if these themes are incorporated.

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You can do a research on popular Sci-fi or fantasy historical romance novels or best paranormal romance books of all time and prepare a list of your own.

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