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gravity forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress application that enables website owners or developers to create simple, creative, or complex forms that can be used for contact forms, WordPress forms, job application forms, calculators, job applications, etc. It’s a plugin. Additionally, it offers some official add-ons that allow you to integrate your form submission with many external services (Stripe, PayPal, Square, Zapier, MailChimp, etc.). Gravity forms also provide a wide variety of add-ons for integrating forms with third-party services.

1. Build Forms Using Conditional Logic:

Gravity Forms includes pre-built fields in addition to standard contact form fields such as the user’s name, email address, and message to help you easily request additional information. This can help you communicate with users more efficiently and effectively. Conditional logic allows you to define custom parameters so that specific information and fields appear only when certain conditions are met.

2. Converts into pdf:

When a user submits, automatically generates and sends downloadable PDFs. This feature-rich add-on allows you to add digital signatures and other images directly from your forms into PDFs, use password protection to prevent unauthorized users from accessing PDFs, convert PDFs into forms, and much more.

3. Secure Data Collection:

Gravity Forms is only as safe as the server on which it is installed, so it makes sense to start your thorough inspection and setup by reviewing the system, Web server, and WordPress configuration. Gravity Forms offers three ways to combat spam. The CAPTCHA field It’ll also display a field requiring the user to verify they are human before they can fill out the form.

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4. online payments:

With the help of Payment Add-Ons, you can connect your forms to a variety of strong WordPress payment gateways. it offers you numerous payment gateways in forms development like PayPal  is most popular and reliable payment gateway using nowadays, Stripe payment gateway is used by developers that more suitable form them and moreover these add-ons,, Square.

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