A Giant Crypto Project Now Helps SAFEMOON to Reach $1 | EXPLAINED 2021

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In this article, I’m going to be showing you A Giant Crypto Project Now Helps SAFEMOON to Reach $1. So make sure you stick around to the end of this article.

We’ve just received some breaking news that will make all SafeMooners pretty excited. No time for doubts anymore, guys.

This is it! SafeMoon is  on its way to $1 and in this article, I’m going to be showing you why I’m so confident that this  is happening. So, make sure you read this article to the very end so you don’t miss anything. Trust  me to make this worth your while so keep watching!

Hey SafeMoon army! Welcome back to the Seresmaza and to those  joining in for the first time, a special welcome to you. In today’s article I will be telling you why SafeMoon is on its way to $1. 

I’ve also got loads of updates about the SafeMoon wallet and more. This way I get to keep making these articles for you and you get to keep enjoying them.  I make daily articles on SafeMoon and the crypto market.

Alright, we’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s get into today’s article Giant Crypto Project Now Helps SAFEMOON To Reach $1. 

But before we get to SafeMoon’s price, I’d like  us to talk about the SafeMoon Wallet a little.  As you know, the Android version dropped in  the Google Play Store a couple of days ago. 

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Giant Crypto Project Now Helps SAFEMOON To Reach $1

So, the SafeMoon wallet has officially launched and that’s pretty exciting.  Naturally, people have had a couple of questions  regarding how the wallet is supposed to work. 

Don’t forget that this is our first product, so  of course people are going to have questions.  However, there is a particular challenge  many people are having with the SafeMoon wallet that I want to make clear once  and for all.

And that’s the issue of other cryptocurrencies in the SafeMoon Wallet. I have other cryptocurrencies in my wallet, but when I imported my wallet to the  SafeMoon Wallet, the only ones that showed up were smart chain and SafeMoon. Why  does it not show BNB, Doge, or other balances?

Now, first off, the fact that you can see  the prices of different coins or tokens on the SafeMoon Wallet does not necessarily mean  that your wallet can hold the coin. Currently,  

SafeMoon has a list of supported coins and  tokens which will be increased in due time. I believe that answers that. But there are still  a couple other things you need to understand  when it comes to trust wallets, the SafeMoon  wallet, importing your tokens, and SafeMoon.

  1. If you imported your Trust Wallet  / MetaMask seed phrase to SafeMoon,  you can still access the token via the old  wallet and buy more SafeMoon from there through the ways you know.  You don’t need SafeMoon.
  2. If you created a new Wallet in the  SafeMoon app, you can also import the seed phrase into Trust Wallet / MetaMask and  use the options there to buy more SafeMoon or  to swap SafeMoon for SafeMoon and vice versa.
  3. SafeMoon, if I am correct, doesn’t get any reflections right now, it is just a bridge to the  ETH Network. ETH can get pretty wild fees for gas. If you can’t handle $10 to $250 per transaction  as gas, you probably shouldn’t buy it.
  4. Swapping from SafeMoon to SafeMoon  will give you BNB gas, so no worries if you already bought SafeMoon. Just import  your seed phrase to Trust Wallet / MetaMask  and swap them for regular SafeMoon. They will, after that, be shown in your SafeMoon Wallet.
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And since we’re on the SafeMoon Wallet topic, iOS  users are getting antsy and wondering when the   SafeMoon Wallet for iOS will be released.

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Well,  when UnicityArt asked in the SafeMoon Discord   when the wallet will be available for iOS, CEO  Karony simply said “as soon as it’s available.”

Before we get to the iOS wallet’s probable release  date, let’s talk about how CEO Karony’s answer was   received by the SafeMoon community. Well, most  were actually impressed by Karony’s answer,   explaining that not giving a particular  date meant lower chances of disappointments.

This is what I was saying. Being too transparent  is not a good thing. It sets high expectations and   people cannot control themselves.

You don’t tell  them everything and they are satisfied with the   timeline because they are not expecting anything.  Like it’s not exciting knowing something is coming   next week. Like if your favorite artist randomly  dropped an album that was fire, you’d be stoked. 

But if they announce this awesome album and it  comes out the exact date and it’s mediocre, you  will not be so stoked. You’d probably disconnect  as a fan because your expectations were not met. 

So, stop asking for stuff and let it  come. The wallet will come eventually, blockchain eventually and hopefully $1 eventually.  Not tomorrow because you will be disappointed and  just letting yourself down.

But I’m  excited for the improvements they’ve made. Now, that said, what’s the plan for the iOS  wallet? We had anticipated that the iOS version of the wallet would be ready by now since it  was to be re;eased shortly after the Android. 

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However, that might not be so considering that  Apple will be launching iOS 15 pretty soon. The SafeMoon team stated they don’t want to have  to update the wallet shortly after it launches. iOS 15 is out on September 20. Apple just  released the “Release Candidate” for it. So, 

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I’m guessing the SafeMoon team will  test the wallet on the iOS15 RC that came out today and make sure it’s good, and  there and then submit it for release. I would maybe expect an announcement that they submitted  it for App store review within a day or two. 

And hopefully the wallet will be on the App  Store on or around the 20th. In other words, I would be surprised if they launch the  wallet unannounced in the next few days. 

So, those patiently waiting, expect more  like a week and less of a maybe tomorrow. So, SafeMooners using iOS devices, it seems  you have another week of waiting ahead of you. 

But all of this is still speculation. No one is sure when to expect the iOS wallet but, at least, we now have an idea of when it’s  likely to drop. By the way, let me know what your thoughts on the probable  release date for the SafeMoon wallet is.

Good thing Apple reviews and decides on apps super  fast. So, once the SafeMoon Wallet is listed, it only takes a couple of days max for Apple  to come to its conclusion which will in turn mean that we might get SafeMoon for  iOS earlier than we probably expect.

Anyway, moving away from the wallet, we’ve  got some updates about the SafeMoon team. With everything that happened with Hank quitting  the team and all, there obviously has been some  restructuring in the team which led to a  certain SafeMoon Hound entering the picture.

If you haven’t met him, his Twitter profile reads that he is the global head of products  at SafeMoon. And in the last AMA we had, we saw  The SafeMoon Hound actively involved as part of  the team and fielding questions. Jacob Smith tweeted

Any core team member being listed on the website  is a choice. @TheFudHound won’t be added unless he  wants to be, and if I get the OK to do so.  Same goes for any other core team member.

@TheFUDHound then responded Let’s roll! So, for your information, if thefudhound is not displayed on safemoon website doesn’t  mean that he is not a part of a safemoon team. 

Whatever the case, we wish him the very best  and hope he does his best to take SafeMoon where  it ought to be because we have a great vision.  Safemoon team has much more people than just four,  as currently displayed on their website. Just imagine where we’ll be in five years.

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By Twitter followers only, Bitcoin has been around for 12 years and has a Twitter followership of 3 million. Dogecoin has been  around for 7 years with 2 million followers. 

Now SafeMoon has only been around for five  months, and we already have 1 million followers. The numbers don’t lie, guys. People are seeing  the hard work the SafeMoon tem is putting in and they are getting interested.

If we’ve managed to  capture the attention of this many people in five short months, imagine where we will be in five  years. This is nothing short of ludicrous speed!

Alright, that said, Sunday is SafeMoon Sunday  and we will be having a Twitter space. Please, do not forget. Come with all your pressing  questions and confusions. CEO Karony has let on that we will be having Ryan, himself, and  Thomas, that is, Papa, depending on how things go.

You sure don’t want to miss  this. So, make sure you’re there. Now to our topic for today. Like I told you  guys, SafeMoon is on its way to $1 and here’s how I know. A couple of days ago, Watcher  Guru made a pretty interesting tweet. It said

Breaking News: SafeMoon crashes to $0.01.  And the date that follows reads, 05.05.2025. That is, May 5th, 2025. So, how does this affect  the price of SafeMoon?

We already launched the wallet and now we’re  working toward the exchange, the blockchain,  and Project Pheonix, especially Project Pheonix.

Some people have pointed out that the Gambia  does not have sufficient GDP to help  SafeMoon’s prices significantly. But we  need to remember that it is more than that. The vision is to serve the unbanked and underbanked.

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Conclusion –  Giant Crypto Project Now Helps SAFEMOON To Reach $1

If that happens, it means a lot of  daily transactions which means more volume and  more burn. And when we have an increasing volume  of daily transactions coupled with more burn, what do we get? Of course, it  pushes our price up significantly.

And if SafeMoon hits $1 before that date  and the crash happens, people are going  to buy the dip and we will bounce back again. Unfortunately, that’s the much we can  take for today’s article. If you enjoyed this article, then please leave a comment  in the comment section.

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Disclaimer – This article does not encourage you to buy any of the cryptocurrencies / or investing at all. This is just the opinion of an amateur, not a financial advisor. Before investing in cryptocurrency, I recommend talking to your financial advisor and do your own research.

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