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In this article we are gonna share all about Extra Ordinary Netflix. Cast, Reviews, Episodes and Much more. This is comedy based horror film you should must watch.

Extra Ordinary Netflix Movie

Extra Ordinary Netflix Genres, Cast, Plot, Director, Production –

Extra Ordinary Netflix Trailer –

Extra Ordinary Genre:

Comedy, Drama, Horror

Extra Ordinary Release Date:

06 Mar 2020

Extra Ordinary Languages:


Extra Ordinary Director:

Mike Ahern, Enda Loughman

Extra Ordinary Producer:

Mike Ahern

Extra Ordinary Writer:

Demian Fox

Extra Ordinary Netflix Cast –

  • Barry Ward as a Martin Martin

  • Will Forte as a Christian Winter

  • Claudia O’Doherty as a Claudia Winter

  • Jamie Beamish as a Brian Welsh

  • Terri Chandler as a Sailor Dooley

  • Risteard Cooper as a Vincent Dooley (as Risteárd Cooper)

  • Emma Coleman as a Sarah Martin

  • Carrie Crowley as a Marion Mularkey

  • Mary McEvoy as a Janet

  • Sarah O’Farrell as a Levitating Teenage Girl

  • Agatha Ellis as a Young Rose

  • Jon Cheung as a Delivery Guy

  • Valerie O’Connor as a Angela

  • Siobhan McSweeney as a Boring Noreen

  • Paul Holmes as a Chipperman

  • Eamon Morrissey as a Mr Daly

  • Alison Spittle as a Alison

  • Daniel Reardon as a Posh Older Man

  • Jed Murray as a Astaroth the Demon

  • Mike Ahern as a Bin Man

  • Enda Loughman as a Bellyflop Guy

  • Simon Judge as a Goat Farmer

  • Fergal Brennan as a Goat Farmer

  • Vincent Ahern as a Goat Farmer

  • Daniel Fitzpatrick as a Goat Farmer

  • George Brennan as a Goat Farmer

  • Dylan Roche as a Goat Farmer

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This is complete Extra Ordinary Netflix characters.

Extra Ordinary Netflix Review –

Extra Ordinary Netflix, Extra Ordinary Netflix review, Extra Ordinary Netflix cast, Extra Ordinary Netflix Watch Online, Extra Ordinary Netflix full movie, Extra Ordinary Netflix characters, Extra Ordinary Netflix imdb,

91% Rotten Tomatoes

6.1/10 IMDb

Extra Ordinary, which you can stream on Netflix, is a low budget supernatural comedy from Ireland that made me laugh almost instantly.

‘Do you have nightmares after eating cheese? You might have eaten a ghost.’ Rose Dooley sees dead people, a gift that hasn’t always worked out well for her.

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While she’s having trouble letting go of her father, Martin is having trouble letting go of his late wife. Largely because her spirit isn’t going anywhere.

And so the stage is set for a quirky romantic comedy with a side of exorcism and a gentle silliness. And that side of the film, really worked for me. But it’s not that simple because there’s also a washed rock star planning a Satanist ritual.

The character of Christian Winter is I think pretty well-realized, ‘What elevates us from the beasts and other non-amazing people.’ but seems to be from another film, he’s very over the top.

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The fragrant aroma of purity.’ which rubs awkwardly against the more low-key characters and comedy. ‘I suppose if you were a red-headed person you’d become a ginger werewolf.’

More than that, the whole Satanist plotline, though it’s well told, feels out of place.

To me, the story is actually getting in the way of the premise – or at least what I liked about the premise. ‘I hear you talk to ghosts.’ I liked that it was small scale and low key and that lives weren’t at stake.

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Introducing an action movie plotline albeit a very silly one – takes us away from a character story that was far more engaging.

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And it doesn’t help that Christian is too ridiculous to take seriously as a threat. So that side doesn’t really pay off anyway, and it starts to fall back on gross humor, particularly in the climax.

It’s not that there is nothing to like here, it is funny and there are some lovely characters and ideas but it’s so uneven that it feels as if part of an Adam Sandler movie was grafted onto a John Carney film

And I do wonder if someone felt that it was too low-key, that it had to be bigger,   and for me at least, they were badly mistaken.

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Does Netflix have Extra Ordinary Movie?


Is extra ordinary good?

Extra ordinary comedy based horror movie you should must watch.

Where can I watch Extra Ordinary Netflix?

Extra Ordinary currently streaming on Netflix you can watch it from there.

How long is the movie Extra Ordinary Netflix?

1h 34m Extra Ordinary Netflix/Running time.

Conclusion of Extra Ordinary Netflix –

Extra Ordinary Netflix is worth a watch, but it could have been so much more, if it had just settled for being so much less.

Thanks for reading. What other low budget gems have been spoiled by over-reaching? Let us know in the comments below and let us know what you thought of Extra Ordinary Netflix.

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