Do you want to completely remodel your bathroom? Then follow this step-by-step plan

You use your bathroom several times every day. That’s why it deserved a good remodeling after years of use! Do you want to tackle this like a pro? In this article you’ll read how to plan your bathroom renovation step by step. 

Step 1: Look for inspiration

Let’s start at the beginning: looking for inspiration. Before you start demolishing everything or hire a delivery van (Dutch: bestelbus huren) to transport your new bathroom goods, it’s good to know exactly what you want to do with your bathroom. Browse the Internet to look for designs you like and visit some bathroom showrooms for inspiration. Materials often look different on the Internet than they do in real life. In a showroom, you can take a closer look at your chosen faucet or feel your favorite tiles and see them in different light before you make a decision. Think carefully about which bathroom style best suits your home. A modern bathroom is nice, but may feel out of place in a traditional home. Once you’ve decided which style you like best can you move on to step two!

Step 2: Create a design

Have you decided what style and colors you want to use in the bathroom? Then now is the time to start preparing the practical side of your remodeling job. Make a floor plan (with dimensions!) of your bathroom and sketch where you want your toilet, shower and/or bathtub and sink to be. When doing this, also check carefully to see if your design matches the connections for your faucets and drains. Take your time, because the layout of your bathroom can’t be changed as easily as the layout of your living room. Make sure you have enough walking space and don’t forget to factor storage space into your design. If you hire professionals to remodel your bathroom, you can ask them for advice and give the design to them once you are satisfied.

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Step 3: Demolition and construction

You can hire professionals to have the demolition work done, but secretly it’s fun (and cheaper!) to get started on this yourself. Remove your old shower, bathtub, sink and, of course, tiles. Create a clean canvas for a fine new bathroom. You can now turn the baton over to contractors. They will quickly and expertly handle the electrical, plumbing connections, tiling and finally finishing touches for you. Are you very skilled at this yourself? Then, of course, you can do it yourself. 

Step 4: Finishing and checking

Is the tiling, plastering and construction of your bathroom finally done? Then go over everything with your contractor to make sure everything is correct. Above all, check that all the faucets work and that they do not leak. It is very annoying if you still get problems with this afterwards.

Step 5: Accessories and styling

To give your bathroom your personal touch, you can get to work with accessories. Of course, you have already chosen beautiful tiles, cabinets and faucets. But you can go a step further to make your bathroom cozy. With candles, plants and nice towels you bring some coziness into the room. You spend quite a bit of time there every day, so it should be nicely decorated! Also think about a nice cabinet for your towels or soap. You might need to hire a moving van (Dutch: verhuiswagen huren), but you’ll see it looks much better when everything is put away nicely.

When your bathroom is all done, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy it. Good luck with the renovation!

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