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Looking for Adult and Erotic web series? Here I am back with hottest web series named as Desi romeo web series. Here we discussed about this series.

Desi romio web series is released on Primeflix app. If you don’t know about Primeflix then I must tell you that Primeflix is an Indian video demanding application. Which is provide online web series and TV shows over the internet.

This Web Series Name First “Do-Ched” But some kind of reason its producer changed its name to “Desi Romeo”.

Desi Romeo Web Series Cast –

  • Payaal
  • Sunil Sikand
  • Gurmeet Kaur Sidhu
  • Shivraj
  • Amit Nath
  • Samayera Khan

This is the complete Desi Romeo Web Series Cast. Everyone played there roll very well.

Desi Romeo Web Series Review –

Genres –Erotic, Drama, Adult.
Seasons –01.
Director –Shivom Yadav.
Episodes –08.
Duration –15 – 20 Minutes.
Language –Hindi.

Do Chhed Title has been changed to Desi Romeo Streaming From 10th December. Desi Romeo series is very much bolder and complicated.

This web series is have only one season with 8 episodes and each episode is about to 15-20 minutes. Web series is very short with a complicated story.

Desi Romeo Web Series Story –

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Desi romeo web series cast

Basically I am not going to spoil the story of this series by telling you but I share you some short thoughts about this series.

If we talk about the story of this series is on lust and sexual desires of a girl. Web series lead actress who wants to know about sex. She is a virgin she wants to try sex once. This complete web series is based on what she does for it.

Story of this web Series is all about sex and lust. There nothing in this series only sex-sex-sex. What we can say about this series. This is just like porn masala video with 8 episodes.

The web series teaches us how important sex education is in society. What can happen if we do not have good knowledge about sex education.

Desi Romeo Web Series Trailer –

Desi Romeo Release Date – This series is officially released on 10th Dec 2019 on Primeflix App.

Why You should watch Desi Romeo Web Series?

Because it’s –

  • Bold and 18+ adult web series.
  • Very short Web series.
  • Simple story.
  • The story, without any twist and turns.
  • Only for adult lovers.
  • Primeflix content

Why You should Not watch Desi Romeo Web Series?

  • If you don’t like adult content then sorry this is not for you.
  • There is lots of and adult scenes in this series.
  • If you don;t have enough time then ignore it.
  • 18+ content only shows boldest things in whole series.

Where To Watch Desi Romeo Web Series Online?

If you want to watch Desi Romeo Web Series online then you have to download Primeflix App. Download Primeflix app from playstore.

But the problem is Primeflix is not provide their content as a free you have to purchase there subscription plans.

Primeflix Subscription Plans –

Plans for becoming PRIME member of Primeflix App.

1 Year – Get a one-year subscription plan at just ₹ 299.

Subscription amount is very low and everyone can afford it. And enjoy Primeflix content for 1 year.

Desi Romeo Web Series Part 1 –

Desi Romeo Series part 1 is available on YouTube. But the remaining part are not available there you have to watch it from Primeflix App.

How to download Desi Romeo Web Series?

If you want Desi Romeo Web Series download as free then you can download it from Telegram App. But we give an advice to our viewers watch original content from original site.

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Conclusion –

Did you watch this web series yet? If not, go now and watch this web series.

What do think about Desi Romeo web series? Tell us by commenting.


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