Crash Game

Crash Game

Crypto casinos are online casinos that allow the use of cryptocurrency for betting. Every year they expand, scale and develop new innovations. This is not surprising, since they combine two cutting-edge industries – online gaming and cryptocurrency. This makes Crash Game extremely popular.

 eclbet is a bright and unique representative of a crypto casino. They have reached a whole new level. Their product is second to none. Among the many advantages, it should be highlighted:

  • interface with bright graphics,
  • modern game design,
  • verified and licensed software,
  • provably fair game,
  • community and live chat for players,
  • 24/7 support service,
  • and much more.

 Game plot

Welcome to’s Crash game! A view of the fabulous night city opens in front of you, the full moon is shining, and a special rocket is already waiting for you at the start. The rocket rises upward. You are the passengers of this rocket and your main task is to have time to jump off with a parachute. Yes-yes exactly!

As you may have noticed, Crash is a simple and addicting game. Here you have to place your bet and watch the multiplier grow from 1.01x. At the beginning of each round, the multiplier counter restarts and begins to gradually increase again until it collapses at a certain moment. The maximum multiplier size is 1,000,000.00.

Your bet will win if you cash out before the multiplier collapses. If your multiplier equals the crash multiplier, you win too. The winnings will be in the amount of your bet multiplied by the number of the multiplier at the moment of payment. And you will lose if you do not have time to make a cash out before the multiplier counter collapses.

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In order to start the game and make your first bet at the crypto-casino, you need to put a few coins in the cryptocurrency on the deposit. You also have the opportunity to play and earn a local currency called Tower Gold or TWG. You can place bets and win rewards using it, as well as participate in various promotions and competitions with the free TWG. has two betting modes:

  • Manual. You place your bet by yourself before each round and you can stop at any time. This way you can decide for yourself when to cash out – your winnings depend only on your choice.
  • Auto. This is where you set your multiplier limit and start the game. The system will cash out for you when the multiplier reaches the required level. But you can also stop manually if you see fit.

In order to get the most out of your bets, you need to know your betting and winning limits. The minimum bet is only 0.00000001 BTC. This equates to 1 TWG (Tower Gold),’s unique casino currency. The maximum rate may vary, but is often limited to a payout of 10 BTC.

The Crash game has low House Edge rates (around 1%) and a low minimum bet. And of course, Crash allows players to win big – you just need a little luck.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Game

This game, like any other game at, is provably fair. In other words, each player has the opportunity to check the result of each round played. In order to see the result, it is necessary to enter data on the initial value of the server and SALT into the verification tool. After processing, you will be able to verify the impartiality and transparency of the game. Thus, any manipulation by online casino is simply not possible.

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Bonuses & Promotions cares about its customers, therefore rewards every player with generosity. Newcomers to gambling are provided with bonuses and gifts when registering an account. In the future, players are provided with many options for cashback, invitation bonuses and deposit bonuses.

You can also get bonuses and nice prizes by increasing your rating on the site, at each new level you get a bonus in the form of real money.

Also, often holds all sorts of tournaments, races and promotions, where it gives out exclusive rewards.


In conclusion, it should be said that the world of gambling is big. The demand is growing every day, and new online casinos do not stop appearing on the world gambling arena. Therefore, choosing the best crypto casino costs you your winnings. Playing in a casino like you can be calm. It has put incredible effort into the development of a casino. They took into account everything: the laws and principles of honest gambling, the transparency of operations, and the cooperation with influential gambling commissions.All conditions for your convenience have been created here. Place your bets and enjoy the game process, will take care of the rest.

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