6 Things to Consider Before Starting Your Brokerage Firm

For those who plan to start Forex brokerage company, there are a few aspects of this business that you should understand. Otherwise, you are sure to run into many problems that could have been easily avoided if you had known those things in advance. Let’s examine each one in turn:

1) Managing a brokerage firm can be expensive 

There is probably no bigger complaint from small brokers than this one. People are unaware of the costs to start Forex brokerage and how expensive it is to run it. Investing in the initial stages of your business will require a significant amount of money — from purchasing equipment and furniture to hiring staff as well as building commission structures with other brokers. Furthermore, no matter if any business is conducted on a particular day or not, overhead costs always exist.

Also, you will need to pay for your staff and office rent. It can cost a small broker a lot of money to comply with these expenses.

2) The brokerage business is hard to make consistent revenue

Market volatility or no trades tend to flatten brokerage income. Furthermore, it takes time to establish relationships with other brokers and build a commission structure that will benefit both parties. Assume you create your own Forex broker and hope for a significant revenue within a few months of operation. Then you are probably going to be disappointed, as most new businesses lose money in the early stages before they become profitable.

3) The hours outside of market hours will be very busy for you

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If you are opening Forex brokerage business, you will need your employees to be able to reach you at any time, day or night. At times, you may need to give them guidance or supervision, as you cannot expect them to handle everything on their own. Additionally, keep in mind that the market does not operate on a 9-5 schedule. It never stops being active, so even if your company sells investment products, you’ll probably end up working as an office executive.

4) Making money takes time

Brokers without any prior experience will find it difficult to produce positive cash flow without ample capital. If your brokerage has “ample capital,” that means you have enough money to last at least six months to one year without having to worry about its day-to-day costs.

Having 20 years in the Forex industry doesn’t mean you’re an expert in building a business; creating your brokerage firm isn’t easy, especially if you want to get profitable fast. It is important for your company to have experienced employees and to maintain a high level of service so that your clients will give preference to you.

This may be difficult for new brokers to gain clients, which means they must invest some money before earning returns.

5) Liquidity and volatility of the market

The smaller your capital base in relation to market conditions, the less likely you will be to recover from adverse market movements. In order to avoid trading losses and take advantage of opportunities when starting up a Forex broker startup, you need to ensure the firm has enough capital and liquidity.

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6) Intensity of competition

Getting your brokerage firm off the ground is challenging, as the financial services industry is highly competitive. Brokers that are just starting out may have difficulty competing with larger firms that already have an established customer base and a well-known brand name.

Take a look at all the above points before starting up your brokerage firm, and do some research on how this market works. The more you know, the better your planning will be, and the more likely you are to avoid future losses!

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