5 Signs You Are Born To Be A Pediatrician


When you hear the word ‘pediatrician’, you immediately think of a hectic and stressful environment. Well, you are not far off. Scared new parents, crying babies, and playful loud toddlers. All these are a part of a pediatrician’s daily work routine. Of course, with the stress come happy moments such as newborns and their happy parents or laughing at some of the funniest things children say. 

Being a pediatrician requires time, effort, and hard work. This means years and years of schooling, practice, getting certifications and licenses. However, this article will be a list of what kind of person you should be to pursue this demanding career. Although you may be ready to give your best to be a pediatrician, you have to truly love this job to create a healthy working environment and make your young patients comfortable. 

Children Love Being Around You

If children have always gravitated towards you even in a crowded room, it is an obvious sign for you to seek a career in pediatrics. It means they feel safe and relaxed around you but also know they will enjoy spending time with you by playing or talking. Children recognize people who are kind, fun, and have that feel-good energy around them. They will certainly cling to you if you show any of these characteristics. You can see that in yourself even at a very young age. Babies and older children want a happy and safe atmosphere and if you know how to provide that, you can certainly narrow down your job list.

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You Are Committed To Lifelong Learning

This means you are no stranger to long hours at the library or working two shifts in a row with one goal in mind – to become better at what you do. Being a top-notch pediatrician requires your time and energy from the very beginning. After graduating from medical school and years of practice to be a pediatrician, it doesn’t end there. You are committed to continuous learning such as going to medical congresses and updating your skills. Online learning comes in handy because of its flexibility. You can attend a course and get certified in PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) completely online. These online courses are convenient when you have busy work days ahead.

You Are Young At Heart

Playful, high-spirited, lively, cheerful, and a tiny bit mischievous. The first thing that comes to your mind is children. However, if you share the same traits, you will be their favorite person at the hospital and their time at the doctor’s office will be easier or at least not so traumatic. You can find various videos of pediatricians giving shots to babies without them even noticing the pain. They sing songs along the way, tickle them or tell stories. Doctors make a fun environment for their little patients and also enjoy their work because of it.

You Are Empathetic

It refers to understanding people’s emotions and how to approach them, depending on the severity of the situation. Knowing the patient’s name, interests and character make a huge difference in the healthcare world. It shows you genuinely care for these children and empathize with them in difficult times. You should know how to read people, how they feel at the moment and when is the right time to talk to them and let them share their feelings. Compassion and kindness are key to being an exceptional pediatrician.

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You Notice Small Details

Working with babies and older children requires a lot of responsibility. This is largely due to children not being able to verbally explain how they are feeling. You need to be good at picking up on small things most people won’t notice. Babies cry when tired or hungry but sometimes there is a bigger picture behind this and doctors have to be very careful with their diagnosis. Pediatricians always need to think outside the box of occasional colds and fevers. Children will show their discomfort through body language and various emotions.


A successful career in pediatrics is a complex combination of knowledge, training, and experience with a dash of playfulness and a young spirit. Children need someone they can rely on and trust. Be sure you are the right person for this job because it is stressful and busy most of the time. All in all, being around children daily will cheer you up. Most importantly, you can help them get well and put a smile on their faces. 

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