25amp victron charger Blue Smart Battery Charger

25amp victron charger Blue Smart Battery Charger

The Blue Smart IP65 Charger is a professional battery charger that is packed with features, such as built-in bluetooth to the Victron Connect App (available on both iOS and Android). The Blue Smart IP65 Battery Chargers are ideal for use on cars, camper vans, caravans, RVs, tractors, motorcycles, and boats. They are also great for use in the garage or on the farm.


Our battery charger is water, dust, and chemical resistant. It features a seven-step smart charge algorithm and has the potential to recover fully discharged “dead” batteries. Additionally, the charger has an automatic power supply function and can perform well in severe cold temperatures – down to -30°C.

Other battery life enhancing features include temperature compensated charging, low power mode for charging smaller batteries, and a Li-ion battery mode. The charger is also ultra high efficiency – 95% – meaning it’s a “green” battery charger. Finally, the charger can be setup and configured via Bluetooth Smart, allowing you to readout voltage and current.

The battery is charged, smartly and to perfect condition

The seven-step charging algorithm ensures that your battery gets the most out of each charge. The charger provides the battery with the power it needs, maintains its health, and ensures better performance – all of which add up to a longer lifespan for your battery. Victron Blue Smart Chargers also feature a Storage Mode to prevent corrosion of the positive plates. Most chargers only offer a float mode, but the lower float charge voltage that follows the absorption period can cause grid corrosion. With the Victron Blue Smart Charger, you can avoid this problem and keep your battery in top condition.

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Recovery of deeply-discharged ‘dead’ batteries

25amp victron charger is designed to recharge deeply-discharged batteries by force-feeding them with a low current. Once the battery has enough voltage across the terminals, normal charging will resume.

The Blue Smart IP65 Charger is designed to recharge deeply-discharged batteries by force-feeding them with a low current. Normal charging will then be resumed as soon as there is sufficient voltage across the battery terminals. This makes the Blue Smart IP65 Charger ideal for use in situations where other brands would fail to recharge the battery.

Connect the battery with ease with Quick Fit connection

This charger comes with both alligator clips and M8 eyelets for easy connection to your battery – meaning you can leave it permanently connected if you want to. Quick Connects and Accessories are also available for purchase separately if desired.

The charger comes with alligator clips and M8 eyelets for easy connection to the battery. You can also purchase additional Quick Connects and Accessories separately if you want to leave the charger permanently connected to your battery.

Check the status of your battery remotely

The Blue Smart IP65 comes equipped with Bluetooth, so you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to check the status of the charger and battery. The VictronConnect app lets you configure all the settings of the charger. With the app, you can also keep an eye on the status of your charger and battery as well as control charging functions. By default, the app displays voltage and current readings.

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The Blue Smart IP65 is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, so the status of the charger and the battery can be checked on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. All settings of the charger can be configured with the VictronConnect app. The VictronConnect app allows you to set up, read out and configure your Blue Smart IP65 Charger via your smartphone (Apple and Android). You can display the status of your charger and battery and even control the functions of your charger using the VictronConnect app. On your screen, the readout of voltage and current is available by default.

Battery Reconditioning

When a lead-acid battery is left discharged for days or weeks, the sulfation process will damage the battery. If caught early enough, sulfation can be partially reversed by slowly charging the battery with low current until it reaches a higher voltage.

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