10 Tips To Decor Kitchen Look Neater And More Luxurious

The kitchen is likened to the “heart” of every home, where delicious food is made, and where family members gather together. What to do to make the kitchen space fresh, luxurious, and more organized?

The following 10 tips can help the kitchen in your home have a new and more luxurious look.

1. Organize the kitchen properly

To arrange the kitchen properly, you will need to pay attention to the area of ​​​​the house. Most kitchen designs are L-shaped and the cooking area is usually located in the corner of the house. To match feng shui, the kitchen should also be located close to the water pipe, and electric and gas outlet. In that case, the location of the hob near the sink and the place to prepare food will be the most convenient for cooking.

If you want to save space for the house, but the dining table in the kitchen. Or if you have a comfortable space, a small bar with a wine cabinet will help your kitchen look much more luxurious.

2. Use the kitchen cabinet door as a spice storage shelf

In addition to arranging the kitchen, the spice jars in the kitchen should also be kept neat. You can put the spice jars on the shelf and put them in the kitchen cabinet door or on the wall of the house. Note, you should put spices in convenient locations so that they can be easily accessed during the cooking process. 

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3. Choose “cardboard” kitchenware

You have a kitchen with modern furniture, fully equipped, but small items such as dishes, chopsticks, spoons, and kitchen tools… can make the kitchen look messy, and lose its elegance if they are not selected in a uniform style.

The table arrangement is an important part of kitchen decor, that’s why kitchen utensils should be chosen in the same style. Don’t forget to find coupons for kitchenware before buying which can help you save more money when purchasing kitchenware

4. Use neutral-colored towels

Kitchen towels are essential items for every kitchen, so they are also an important part of the interior. You should choose towels with gentle, neutral colors, instead of flashy, dazzling colors. This small detail will help the kitchen become more luxurious and stylish. 

5. Change the faucet

Faucets also play an important part in the overall interior. In particular, faucets with new colors and modern features also make your kitchen more unique. For example: Instead of a traditional stainless steel faucet, a touch-sensitive faucet with fancy colors such as white, black, or copper will make the overall kitchen much more luxurious.

6. Use a detergent dispenser with an elegant design and color

The area around the sink in many families is often crowded with unsightly bottles of detergent. Try pouring these cleaners into special jars that you can buy at any hardware store. These accessories are both decorative and help to make the kitchen space more organized. It is necessary to choose vases with designs and colors that match the overall interior and other items.

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7. Decorate the glass door with a curtain

Adding curtains to the glass doors of the kitchen cabinets is an easy way to refresh the interior without spending a lot of money. This decor will bring a certain charm and coziness to the kitchen and hide the messy items inside. Cabinet curtains and window blinds should be of the same material and color.

8. Install the socket in the same color as the wall

Sockets that are too revealing can disrupt the overall harmony of the kitchen’s interior. That is why you should install the sockets with the color of the wall or the color of the tiles so that they do not look too prominent. Installing hidden sockets is also a good option.  You can read reviews on toplistall.com before installing sockets to choose the most suitable socket.

9. Store things in boxes

We often have a habit of taking advantage of small spaces or kitchen cabinets to store things. This isn’t a bad thing, as any space should be utilized to the fullest, but try putting a basket or a box on the shelf and putting things in it, the space will look neat, and much more orderly. Moreover, the boxes will keep the kitchen utensils clean.

Cutlery should be stored on separate shelves and avoid direct contact with water. You can also use magnets to attach cutlery on high, both saving space, and being neat and out of reach of small children.

10. Decorate the kitchen with flowers

Decorating the kitchen with flowers can make a space feel fresh and lively, and at the same time make your mood better. Fresh flowers will brighten up the kitchen counter on a dreary day.

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Some more tips

  • Using wallpaper for your kitchen, especially in the cooking area, makes cleaning easier.
  • Label items in the kitchen to make them easier to find and arrange.
  • Use hidden trash cans placed under the sink or in the opening doors to save space.
  • Decorate with window tint for added privacy and home energy efficiency.


Above are some effective kitchen arrangement tips that you can apply in your kitchen. Let’s turn your kitchen into a neater, more luxurious place to serve delicious meals for your whole family. Finally, you can follow Reviewspublic.com or topallreview.com to find more great ideas in home decoration and arrange your kitchen.

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